This entry is from one of Playful Kiss staff. Leader is always a professional and as hardworking as ever! I just hope he takes care of his body, and stays healthy! We're always here to support you Leader!


Hyun Joong is currently filming the drama Playful Kiss.

Right after filming a scene, he had hurried to the next set without taking a break, didn't show any sign of weariness or lethargy and continued with the filming. Saw Hyun Joong had even stolen some time in-between filming to workout at the gym. This led me to think that he works really hard.

His first time challenging a drama OST, Hyun Joong had recorded a ballad, "One More Time" Amidst the hectic filming schedule, he had taken some time to go to the recording studio and spent quite some hours to record the song.

The staff were worried about Hyun Joong's health because of this,

"Working in the middle of the night allows me to focus even better, that's very good...."

Hyun Joong had replied like this smilingly... much to the surprise of the staff.
And so, the staff too worked up the same persevering and never-say-die spirit like Hyun Joong, and hope to work even harder to give him the support and help in every way in his filming.

Credits: Japanese Official Board e-magazine(?) + Fei-Yin 妃茵 @TSTW (Triples.Taiwan) + BAIDU KHJ BAR + happiebb /


Anonymous said...

I love Leader for being for hardworking on the other hand, he needs to take some rest too. I will always support you Kim Hyun Joong, whatever you do ^_^

Anonymous said...

Hyun Joong faces his staunch challenger and critic: himself. He is not one to surrender -but I rather see him work and work out in gym than say drink or any other stress reliever .I look forward to that online streaming of MK through YT .

I know I should not say don't worry you don't like to hear that but we international fans will repay all your hard work when YT makes it available to everyone at the same time .Then the playing field would have been leveled in your favor because you deserve it.

Anonymous said...

Leader is so admirable for being so hardworking And the waiting starts again. Wednesday is so far away...Let us all pray for Leader and all the casts and for Playful Kiss to become more successful *_*

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