I was just sleepily going through my timeline in Twitter when all of a sudden, Hyung Jun tweeted! So I opened Google translator, and I see a Double S somewhere in there. That jolted me awake. Hahaha. Thankfully, xiaochu did the translation... Mansae could also mean hurray!/cheers/long live!


Just last night, the two boys YS and Hyung Jun began following each other on Twitter... And then later, Baby and YS began following Jung Min. JM isn't following anyone yet. I didn't expect YS to reply to Hyung Jun's tweet so I actually screamed when I saw YS tweet a reply to Baby.


And just when I thought Baby didn't know how to reply to tweets, he proved me wrong by not only tweeting a reply to his hyung, but also teasing Jung Minnie. Hahaha! Maknae is soooo funny!


And this is the rest of the exchange that took place before the day ended... these guys are so cute and funny!


*I think he's trying to say "It should be You (cos Hyungjun called him a pig)"
X X - maybe he's cursing?! kekee.





Here's another translation from SuperstarSubs... including JM's tweet that his Facebook page is gone! Plus Steven Lee's tweet, and more teasing from the mischievous Maknae. Hahaha!

Translated by: superstarsubs@Twitter

I just hope that Jung Min sees this and gives back a retort. Hahaha! Too bad he's always tweeting through Facebook, so slim chance he'll see this teasing from Maknae. LOL. Sigh, this simple exchange from the boys made my day! :) I hope they talk to each other in Twitter more often! They are really hilarious! This is the side of them that we don't get to see nowadays! Their playful exchanges and dorkiness!


Anonymous said...

can we tell them to for Kyujong to have a twitter account too
OPPAS pls tell KyuJong to make an account too

Anonymous said...

can pls somebody translate this too
Youngsaeng is following him and I want to know what they are talking about

@mystyle1103 어 ㅋㅋ 그렇게하면되는거구 서로 팔로우를했을때는 남들에게 안보이게 글을 쓸수있어 Direct Message라고 싸이월드로치면 방명록에 비밀로하기 같은거야 줄여서 DM이라고도하지 나한테 DM날려봐봐

@mystyle1103 형 일어났네 ㅋㅋ나 통화할때 잠들었두만 ㅠㅠ형이 아는사람이랑 대화하려면 글도쓰고 그래야지 내가 형한테글쓰는것처럼~Reply가 답장하는거야 나한테 글써바!!트위터 글안써도 확인하게돼 ㅋㅋ 형은 중독된고야 ㅋㅋ

this is from ParkJiBin@twitter

phtriples said...

Here's the translation by xiaochu@Quainte501.com

@mystyle1103 Hyung, you woke up already? keke I was sleeping when you talked to me TT TT If hyung wants to talk to someone you know, you should write a message, just like how I write to hyung~ Reply is for replying, write something to me!! Twitter will be verified* even if you don’t write anything keke Hyung will become addicted to this keke

Young Saeng's reply:

@Actor_ParkJiBin Is it that I just have do it like this?

@mystyle1103 Eo Keke Just do it this way will do. After ‘Following’ each other, if you do not want to let others see your message then write Direct Message, it is same as the CY Message board whipering function. Try to write a DM to me.

j said...

i hope leader and kyu would make twitter acounts too ♥

Anonymous said...

AHHH! I love love love <3 this post! It just made me have a happier "THANK GOD IT'S FRIDAY!!!" scream ;D I wish Hyun Joongie and Kyu would get twitters too so all 5 of them can exchange cute messages [:

gcy said...

ahhh i miss their dorkiness!! i really hope leader and kyu will join in too and tease maknae xD hahaha

Anonymous said...

thanks for the Translation of ParkJiBin and Youngsaeng tweets

so it looks like park jibin is taught oppa to use the twitter...thanks park jibin

LOL i think jibin needs to teach jungmin to use the twitter too he don't want to follow any one... Y.S. and HJB already following him

phtriples said...

Jung Min just started following Hyung Jun and YS today! Isn't that great?! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm 501% sure that they already miss each other just by reading their bulliest tweet :D

and yeah, I 501% wish that my love kyu jongie and leader hyun joong would create an account too :D

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