October 23, 2010

Baby... Baby... Baby...

Awww... I feel like tearing up myself whenever I see Baby crying. His tears are so touching. He was really close to Park Yong Ha, and I'm sure he misses his Hyung. Even though it's been months since he died, Hyung Jun's sadness never really goes away, it just gets better in time. Stop crying now Baby...

Video Uploader: hyungjunangel@YouTube

On a happier note, I love these new pics of Maknae. He's so handsome!

Credit: Baidu

And here's Hyung Jun's Ohguelsong for this morning's Music High. The song is called "Instinctively". So cute!

Video Uploader: 3kimheopark4Jangki@YouTube


Janice said...

Wow!! Is he sponsoring a child from Africa or something? ^^ Nice! Generous Baby...:)

triples_greenpeas said...

i want to cry when I watched this vid...baby is really close to yong ha.our magnae,fighting!

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