Here's a clip from The First Love Story DVD of Leader cooking. Keke. Pineapple and shrimp fried rice? First time I'm hearing about this dish, but I sure would love to try it if Leader cooked it! Haha! He's so cute while cooking. Our very own 4D cook. Keke.

Video Uploader: exlley@YouTube

Also, here are scans from The First Love Story photobook, thanks to Elley for generously sharing in her blog. I won't be posting here everything since it's over 50 photos. You can view all pics here. And I compiled them in a zip folder for easy download: DOWNLOAD HERE. Enjoy!



aidaj said...

hi! I don't really understand the whole "the lovestory photobook", can you explain what it is? is it really based on Kim hyun Joong's first love story or is it just for fans or something?

triples_greenpeas said...

to aidaj: I think It's not hyun joong's first love story..just a title,but I don't know for sure

Anonymous said...

it's a photobook n some nice things bout leader, izit? Love it <3

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