Actually, I saw this news a couple of days ago, but I waited for the trans of the news first. Our Kyu Jong attended another movie premiere last October 25. Only 1 pic was released, but it's still good to see Kyu! I miss this guy so much! Is it just me, or did he lose some weight? I hope he gets more exposure soon! You guys miss him too right?

Movie ‘Bad Couple’ by actor Lim ChangJung, Um JiWon, had its VIP premiere on 25-Oct at 8.40pm in Comex Megabox in Samsung-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul.

Um JiWon will be shaking off her pervious innocent and feminine character and taking up the challenge of comic acting, she acts as Kim MooRyung, a poor creditability female employee in a credits department of a card company.

Lim ChangJung transformed into Bang GeukHyun, a police investigator in the violent crime department, who ran into debt due to underwriting someone else’s debts. Despite being a police investigator in the violent crime department, he was being pestering by pressing calls from the debtors and had to runaway, Lim ChangJung acts as the pitiful and comical character and meets the audience with his ‘Lim ChangJung-brand Smile’.

‘Bad Couple’ is a comedy movie that shows the intense debt war between poor creditability loyal police investigator and poor character debt chasing specialist, movie opens on 4-Nov.

Credits : + (English Translation) xiaochu @


Anonymous said...

OMO!!!! my bias!! :D i love you, kyu! i cant wait to see him on big screen! :D

i love you SS501!

randomshooter said...

KYU! I really miss you!!! ^___^
I hope to hear more news about him. :))

Emily♥ 에밀리 ♥エミリー said...

I guess it's just me but I didn't recognize Kyu in that pic, to me it doesn't look at all like him.. o.0

Anonymous said...

yes, he is thinner...
and he said in his tweet that he needs to lose weight!!!

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