Oh. My. God. I still can't shake off my goosebumps seeing this kiss! Leader is soooo into his character! That's great acting right there! Such a sweet, sexy kiss! I'm sure millions of girls around the world are jealous of Jung So Min right now. Am I right? Keke. Leader is such a great kisser! Look at the jawline... and the lips! They kissed under the rain, which is as romantic as could be! Must have been a really soft and wet kiss! Imagine Leader's lips on yours... Ok, I'm just gonna stop rambling now and leave you to your thoughts. LOL!

See the Kiss in action:

Video Uploader: azi767@YouTube

Credits: imbc.com

Excerpt from the news (translated by Ode):
This scene that was shot last 9th (Oct) took place in Seoul, Buam-dong in a particular alley where domestic, Japan and China fans came to visit the set and deliver their greetings. This 13th episode that will air on 13th October will portray the scene where Seung-jo will show his heart to Hani eventually.

Both of them did not show signs of awkwardness and digested it well as staff joked, "There wasn't any particular NG at all, seems like they are really beginning to get really natural isn't it.....".

Kim Hyun Joong said, “I have had the most kisses with Hani (Jung So Min’s character) this year. I’ve gotten so used to it.”


Anonymous said...

JSM so lucky to be kissed by prince charming ...hyun joong..

hyun joong looks so gorgeous in this epi 13.. the pic above shows its all...

the kissing scene is something to die for ...i luv this man for real..

jjovenq said...

I watched it from the beginning till episode 15. Beautiful! Hyun's acting was not bad at all! Same with the rest of the cast. Made me laugh,cry,sigh,dream,inspired me too. It's really worth watching! Such a pity they had to end it this soon!

Anonymous said...

oh my!! im soooooo excited to watch ep.15!! (^^,)
thumbs up to ep.13 nd 14 haha i love their kiss
in the rain..sooooo romantic!! but im a bit
disappointed coz they have to cut the story short...how i wish they can make it til ep.20 as planned before.. =( hahaha i demand for a PLAYFUL KISS 2!! pleeeeeeeeeeeeese!!!

Anonymous said...

wooow, it's 2014 and i can still tell u that this is STILL the bestest kissing scene ever! Plus it's set in the rain so BONUS POINTS! (aishh, it must've been cold huuh hyun joong oppa?) <3

Hehe, i know it's waaay past the era of flip-phones (eg. motorola's) but-- after watching this.. i really want a flip-phone now :P lol

AHHHHH, this is the best! The way they kissed even :) It's the first time I've seen a kiss scene as special and as passionate as this. Usually in other dramas when it comes to scenes similar to this~ u'd notice the little gestures of awkwardness between them and ur perspective of that couple changes :/ BUT NOPE, NOT FOR THIS DRAMA! In this scene it was absolutely FLAWLESS! I squeeled happily just watching this! ...and yeahh, probably curse abit but-- nothing bad :)

waaaaaaaah, watching this just made me abit more greedier :) *sighhhh, i want to have an event just like this too :) [but probs not as intense as cold-blooded-Baek Seung Jo] aishhhh~ eotteoke

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