While working his way through a severe overseas schedule, SS501’s Park Jung Min collapsed with fatigue on October 12th and was forced to be hospitalized.

On the afternoon of the 12th, Park Jung Min collapsed after he let go of the stress and anxiety that had been building up inside of him for months. Representatives of the hospital reported that he was ordered to take plenty of rest; consequently, the talent will be recovering at his own home for the time being.

Park Jung Min’s representatives stated, “With all of the contracts finally being signed, it seems as if his body has finally taken in all of the stress involved. He had a high fever at the hospital with an intense fatigue, but will now be taking time off to rest.”

Park Jung Min is currently due for a comeback on November 25th, and is scheduled to appear for fan meetings on the 27th.

Source: allkpop

This is the kind of news that I really dread hearing. One of the members finally giving in to exhaustion. Leader collapsed once before, and now it's Jung Min's turn. I feel sad for him. He's working too hard, and add that to his extensive dieting, it's no wonder his body finally gave in. Please boys, we know you're working so hard, but please take care of your health! That's the most important thing! We miss you and are very much excited for your activities, but we'd prefer to see you healthy and glowing and smiling than thin and sickly. I hope Jung Minnie gets enough rest and recovers soon!


Anonymous said...

i was shocked when heard this news i hope he will be fine and please take care for your healthy jung minnie.

Anonymous said...

WHAT!!! @_@ gosh...oppa~please take care of yourself!!!

triples_greenpeas said...

really sad when I know jung min hospitalized...get well soon oppa,and always take care of your health!

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

I'm in class right now and in the verge of crying. Jun Minnie!!! Please take care of yourself!!! You're the strong and energetic Jung Min!!! I'd really rather see you healthy and your loud self again than your solo activities. We Triple S have been waiting and we can wait even longer. Don't push yourself to hard!!!!

Anonymous said...

Jung Min oppa~!! Please take are ofyou health!! We fans can wait for your music to come out~ Just don't overwork yourself. Hope you get better. I got so shocked ><

Anonymous said...

POOR HORSE they are working your tail off over there huh?! =[ take care and stay healthy remind the other members to take care of themselves also.

Anonymous said...

This news really broke my heart. ;m; It's really saddening to know that the liveliest member collapsed due to being overworked.

Jungminnie please take care of yourself! ;A; We want to see you smiling and healthy! Your bright smile is what makes us happiest ;m; <3!

Miss Vka said...

This is the most heartbreaking news I've heard from yesterday :'( he's my favorite~~

Overwork + diet isn't a good combination rite? IMO, he already looked healthy and awesome on Love Ya MV, and I don't think he need to diet anymore..

I wish him a speedy recovery. at least seeing him healthy and energetic again will cure all fans' broken hearts too.

Anonymous said...

i cried when i heard this.. get better minnie.. ;-;

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