SS501 Park Jung Min expressed that he wish to do activities with the other members again [30.09.10]

SS501 Park Jung Min expressed that he wish to do activities with the other members again.

On the 30th, he officially announces his contract with Sony Music Taiwan.

During an interview with a Korea media, he said that Korean wave is very competitive in Asian market. Because he wanted to perform well in the Chinese market, so he choose to sign contract with CNR Media after considering for a very long time.

While doing his solo activities, in addition he also said the activities for SS501 ‘SS501′s activities is one of the condition in the contract, i will not make concessions to SS501′s activities.’ The presence of SS501 affirmation for the future is conducted.
Park Jung Min said that ‘The planning for activities with SS501 is not yet confirm but if we can get together for one activity each year will be the best. He emphasized that ‘All my experiences now are brought by SS501.’

He was also indecisive of his solo activities. He said ‘Group activity and solo activity is equally important. Making a last decision like this is hard.’ He felt a little scare when doing solo activities compared to group activities but he will be prepared. He looks thinner now compared to the time where SS501 did activities together.

‘I felt lonelier this time coming to Taiwan compared to the time where 5 of us came together. But i will change the sense of burden to working seriously.’ So recently, he started to learn Japanese again.

With regards to the possibility of SS501 getting together, he expressed that ‘Of course it is possible, the way is to choose a period of time in a year to schedule a series of activities.’

He expressed his gratitude with regards of him debuting in a Chinese market, ‘I will massage after waking up in the morning. After that i will be like a student and go to exercise and study. Everyday, i will be learning Chinese, acting and vocal training. I felt that i have returned to 5-6 years ago when i first debuted.’

The activities in the Chinese industry will be announced in the Fanmeeting during December. It is scheduled that in the next half of the year, he will act in a drama. He will also released a mini album in Korea in November.

Credits: + (Chinese translation) 镜子&MIKO@No. 43 Park + SS501 Baidu + (English translation)

I love articles that are written like this. Some news, even though they basically report the same thing, are written in a negative context that when people read about it, they get depressed. But articles like the one above, I like! I know in my heart that Jung Minnie and the rest of the other SS501 members all want to do group activities again sometime in the future, but hearing them say it out loud, for everyone to hear, that just makes me so happy! This article made my day!


Anonymous said...

woah! I cant help but to SMILE :D
i dunno why, last night, i re-watched their X-concert fanmeeting and i totally shed tears again. saying how much i miss them, and longing to see them again together in one stage.


kamsahamnida, tsph for posting this article :)
i really appreciate your work :)

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