OBSESS - definition: To be preoccupied with a single topic or emotion; To dominate the thoughts of someone; To think or talk obsessively about.

Hmm... let's see, every day, I want to see them... every waking moment of my life, I think of them... I always want to hear news about them... I blog about them everyday... I stalk Twitter and Facebook, so I can keep up to date with them. Well, according to the definition, I can say I'm truly OBSESSED with SS501! And I'm proud of it! Are you?

I'm sure if you're reading this, you'll say YES! Keke. So here's something to feed your obsession even more! If you've bought the Persona Encore DVD you'd have seen this already. But for those of us who haven't yet, let's take a look at these 5 boys performing their song OBSESS, which was written by our very own Hyung Jun of course! Multi-angle focus baby! Thanks to KYULOVECHAU1 for uploading this on YouTube (for those who are planning to buy the DVD and don't want spoilers, just ignore this post).

My favorite part of the song is when they sing ♪♫♪ "so good, so good, girl" ♪♫♪ because the members are really feeling that part! Notice all the sexy stares, smiling, lip biting, etc. whenever that part comes up... aaaah! I'm obsessed! Please buy the original DVD to support the boys! You would want to have a copy of this, wouldn't you? You know you do!





Video Uploader: KYULOVECHAU1@YouTube

There are also multi-angle shots of each of the members for their WASTELAND performance, but I'm not embedding the videos here. If you want to see them, click on the links below:


cheezeemelt said...

I feel ya there! haha I'm obsessed as well! <3 I wonder why ? hahaha SS501 still is the best! MANSAE!

Anonymous said...

That was awesome!!!
I'm obsessed in SS501, Boys Over Flowers and Playful Kiss!! Totally obsessed in leader!!
Leader Fighting!!!!

tam said...

Wow! I loved the videos!
I'm so obsessed that I adopted triplesphilippines as my page of daily visits!
Thanks for the videos ^ ^
Is miss our boys!
Kiss of the Brazilian fan

Anonymous said...

totally obsessed by this group... my.. oh... my they are all so hot! i love kyu jong,and young saeng, so cute...

cLaire said...

i just wanna ask if the persona encore is now available in korean edition??

phtriples said...

@Claire: I've stalked YesAsia just for the Persona Encore Korean version, but they still don't have it at this point. I'm really starting to lose hope that they'll even release a Korean version. But still, let's hope for the best! I really wish they would release a Korean version because I definitely want to buy!

cLaire said...

hmmmm,... i have a friend po (ate criselda)
ate criselda pm me last night that ate yellie had already buy the persona encore,, coz she have a friend in korea who can help her to buy it and send here in ph...
thats why me and ate criselda keep on visiting the yesasia site to confirm if its already out on the market.....

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