“Musical Actor wants to have both music and acting skills”

Group SS501′s Kim Hyung Jun (23) will be debuting on the musical stage. From 24 November to Janauary next year, in the musical ‘Cafe-In’ performances which would be held at the Baekam Arts Hall, the male lead, Kim Hyung Jun, would present himself not as a group member but as an actor. It is a creative production about the sweet-sour romantic encounter between coffee and wine. As a sommelier, Ji Min, who is unsuccessful in dating and as Jung Min whom is well-loved by the female barista. For one person to be acting out 2 roles for his debut musical stage is considered a formidable challenge.

SBS Radio “Music High” DJ. Fixed apperance in MBC variety show “Midnight Idol” in addition to 6-7 hours of musical practice a day and although looking really exhausted but he expressed energetically that he is treating every day seriously.

“A few years back have already been offered to star in musicals, however because of tight schedule, have doubts like ‘Can I do it well?’, was worried that I couldn’t take part properly, but now finally can debut in a musical. It’s my first debut yet the role’s proportion is huge so I feel a little pressured but I love to take up challenges. The musical would be a turning point for me to be a proper actor in the coming year”, he said with sparkling eyes.

Although the Hallyu group SS501 is very popular in Korea as well as in Asia with many big-scaled stage experiences, but until now he is very unfamiliar with musical stage. He said, “Standing on stage as a singer feels very different from standing on the stage as a musical actor. This may bedue to temporal differences. Being watched right under the noses of the audiences, and having to communicate effectively with them, hence there’s a need to quickly relieve that stress.”

Talent Kang Ji Hwan who belongs to the same company, has participated in “Cafe In” premiere performance and has held awesome public performances in Japan, and this time round he would be participating as a producer. The first 1000 people who bought tickets and are members of (Kim Hyung Jun’s) Korean official homepage would be able to watch his Singapore promotion stage videos. Undisclosed clips. This DVD “Secret Package” that is accompanied with a mini photobook which is given out as a gift has caused the site to stop functioning several times, hence proving his popularity.

For the musical, (Kim Hyung Jun) has made many thorough preparations. He has been putting in a lot of efforts from meeting up directly with a real sommelier, starting to learn the basics from wine glasses, as well as drinking soju in place of wine with musical staff. There is a scene in which there are 2 (roles) changes within a span of a song, hence he has been working hard interchanging between Jung Min and Ji Min in front of the audiences with help of a pair of big glasses.

SS501 members are now having their own solo activities under different companies, but still often keep in contact. This is especially so with Park Jung Min who first debuted as a musical actor in 2008 with the musical “Grease”, them behaving like “Tom and Jerry”, even though they bicker often, they are very close. “Although Jung Min has offered to give advice on musical, but I would like to explore it on my own. Coincidentally in this musical my name is also Jung Min”, he expressed without being worried.

Musical actor has to consider their own merits “with a positive mind”. Although normally he already shares good affinity with people, but he greedily wants even more “powerful affinity”, earning himself the “Ambitious Voyage” nickname. Brother Idol Group ‘U-KISS’ member Ki Bum expressed that he wishes to be able to stand alongside with his brother on the musical stage.

Radio. Perfoming Arts. With musical stage, he has the hope of becoming a multi-entertainer. He (Kim Hyung Jun) expressed,”Wants to get recognition that Kim Hyung Jun is a good musical actor, having both perfect music and acting skills and hence a competent actor. Next year there are plans to have ‘Cafe In’ performances overseas, so it would be nice to become a Hallyu musical actor with a musical stage filled with charm. Not just looks, but acting skills also have to be acknowledged, just like how cool Jang Dong Gun is. Song Seung Heon is also my role model.”

Credits: Sports Seoul + Trans: Only Jun (kimhyungjun.net)


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it is so cute that baby's character name is JUNG MIN. it would be perfect if it will be PARK JUNG MIN. hahahha :)

i love tom and jerry. i wish to see them on a show and bicker again. HAHAHA evil >:))

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