As we know, Hyung Jun is holding a fanmeeting in Taiwan this October 24 (for details, click here). Here's a short interview which really got me chuckling. I love how he talked about Twitter and his members. Funny how he bragged about his Twitter skills (I wonder if he knows how to read mentions/messages from fans though). Haha! Envying Kyu Jongie because he learned and gained friends in Twitter faster and saying Leader doesn't know much about computers! LOL! Hey, don't misunderstand Baby, he's just being his usual, mischievous self. I can almost imagine the members' reactions if they see this, especially Leader and MAL. For sure, they will bully him again. Hahaha! After all these years, they're already so used to Baby's personality. He'll always be their cute Maknae, after all.

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Magnae Kim HyungJun having Fan Meeting on Sunday (10/24). Wants to eat XiaoLongBao, shop at Taipei101 the most

October’s 2nd wave of Halllyu wave to Taiwan! [SS501] Magnae Kim Hyung Jun would be taking Korean Airline KE691 on Sat (10/23) and arrive in Taiwan at 12:05 noon, Sunday (10/24) at Taiwan NUS Sports Center have his [I AM SS501 Kim Hyung Jun! Taipei Fan Meeting], and return to Korean the next day, spending a total of 3 days 2 nights in Taiwan. When Kim Hyung Jun previously accepted a Seoul interview by [TRENDY IDOL MAGAZINE] and [LOVE JK] Ken Wu, he expressed that for this coming trip to Taiwan he wishes to eat Taiwan XiaoLongBao the most, and hope to find time to shop at Taipei 101. Upon seeing that the organizers have specially prepared some gifts for his pet dog [Kim Choco], he couldn’t resist the food temptation presented in front of him, wanted to keep it for himself! During the interview, he exposed that [SS501] Leader Kim Hyun Joong is actually a computer illiterate! 30 lucky fans would be picked to have a handshake and photo taken withKim Hyung Jun among those who bought Fan Meeting tickets before 10/20 (Wed); At the entrance of the actual Fan Meeting day, fans are welcomed to leave their messages and there would be opportunities for these to be directly delivered to Kim Hyung Jun!

[SS501] Magnae Kim Hyung Jun would be having his [I AM SS501 Kim Hyung Jun! Taipei Fan Meeting] on 10/24 (Sun) at Taiwan NUS Sports Center. For this trip, he would first be taking the Korean Airline flight KE691 on 10/23 (Sat) andarrive at Taiwan at 12:05 noon, and his expected to spend 3 days nights in Taiwan, returning to Korea on the following Monday (10/25) with Korean Airline KE692. For his solo trip to Taiwan, Kim Hyung Jun shows his very easy-going character, and has no special requests, and got very happy and excited with the thoughts of playing games and interacting with his Taiwanese fans at close distance. As long as Fan Meeting tickets are bought before 10/20 (Wed), one would stand a chance to be the 30 lucky fans to go the backstage for a handshake and photo taken with Kim Hyung Jun, so fans please cherish this last opportunity! At the entrance of the actual Fan Meeting day, fans are welcomed to leave their messages for Kim Hyung Jun on post-it papers and stick them on the activity board at the entrance, and there would be opportunities to have these delivered to Kim Hyung Jun!

Kim Hyung Jun has previously accepted an interview in Seoul by [TRENDY IDOL MAGAZINE] and Channel[V]’s [LOVE JK] Interview, upon seeing the old pal, Ken Wu, who has hosted several [SS501] press conferences, he was happy and surprised. Kim Hyung Jun’s pet dog [Kim Choco]’s popularity is increasing tremendously, there are even fans who even left messages on the website to enquire if [Kim Choco] can be the special guest for the Fan Meeting; During the interview, upon seeing that those Taiwanese gifts were actually for [Kim Choco], not only was he not jealous, but was quite happy and even couldn’t resist wanting to try a bite. Kim Hyung Jun expressed happily that because he shares a close relationship with his pet, so they would share good food together, even though it may be dog food, as long as it is tasty, he wouldn’t mind. Due to arrive in Taiwan, Kim Hyung Jun and the host Ken Wu made a promise complete with the pinky finger swear that Ken Wu, as a local host, would bring Kim Hyung Jun to eat his dearly missed XiaoLongBao, as well as shop at the landmark building Taipei101.

While discussing about how Korean stars are recently all addicted to Twitter, Kim Hyung Jun couldn’t resist exposing that Leader Kim Hyun Joong is actually a computer illiterate, and also because he is busy filming [Playful Kiss], so there isn’t time to play (Twitter) together. When asked among all members who are the slower learners, Kim Hyung Jun sighed and replied that Young Saeng and Jung Min has to practice more on Twitter. Earlier on, they couldn’t grasp despite numerous coaching, but now they could already log on to Twitter to chat. For even more detailed contents, please tune in to 10/21 (Thurs) Evening 7pm Channel[V]’s [Love JK], as well as 11/9 (Tues) release of [TRENDY IDOL MAGAZINE]!

Credits: Warner Music Facebook News + Trans: Only Jun (
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Hyung jun is getting more handsome...I like him soo much!

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