Kim Hyun Joong Asian Games back stage photograph Exposed, charming look attracted others eye-sight

Kim Hyun Joong exposed the most natural photographs of him at the back stage of the year 2010 16th Guangzhou Asian Game opening ceremony.

In the photographs, Kim Hyun Joong who was wearing a simple full black tailor suit, while preparing to go on stage he was still listening to MP3, practicing song diligently. His fully concentrate look was just like a photograph that was preset. While in another photographs Kim Hyun Joong was full of concentration looking at his laptop, the long eye lashes and also good skin that make all girls envy, looked just like a character came out from a romantic comic. Standing together with Asian top star in front of 100,000 audiences’ Kim Hyun Joong although was very nervous but still show his gentle smile in front of the camera, clear and bright smile has affected the surrounding people. After looking at the photographs, fans has left messages saying: ‘Was proud that is a Korean myself’, ‘Superior DNA is has attracted a lot of attention in Greater China’, ‘Walking Statue’. It is reported that Kim Hyun Joong is currently working non-stop preparing his solo album.

Credits: TVdaily Chinese Edition + (English translation)


Hyun Joong Undisclosed Photos at the Guangzhou Asian Games

Undisclosed pictures of SS501’s leader Kim Hyun Joong at the ‘Guangzhou Asian Games’ were recently revealed though the singer’s agency on November 22nd.

The simple yet elegant pictures show the singer having an interview with CCTV, listening to his MP3 to practice his singing, as well as sitting down quietly as he surfs the net.

The fans have complimented the picture by saying it looks like a professional photo shoot, leaving comments such as, “The man went to flaunt his superior genetics to the continent.”

Check out his pictures below.

Source: allkpop

Photos from KEYEAST


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