[English] Notice from CNR

Dear Park Jung-Min’s fans, this is CNR MEDIA.

We are very sorry to inform you that due to today’s North Korean rocket attacks, we have decided to postpone Park Jung-min’s upcoming “Come-Back” Single album release (Nov. 25th) and Fan Meeting Showcase (Nov. 27th).

After serious discussions and meetings, we have come up with this difficult decision. We are more than sorry to have to declare this sad news to all of you.

Jung Min’s “Come-Back” stage is supposed to be a gala event to share with all of you. However, concerning present political tension between 2 Koreas, it is definitely not a good timing for Jung Min to celebrate his new album release.

Once again, we apologize for having to postpone album release and fan meeting. We know that all of you have been waiting to see Jung Min’s new performance. Jung Min also has been working extra hard just to present you with his best performance….

Dear fans, please be patient and let’s pray for regional peace and stability together. We will let you know Jung Min’s most updated schedule as soon as possible. Thank you very much.

Credits: CNR Media (http://www.parkjungmin.net/notice_board/17194) + Ode@blog

Awww... I was really looking forward to having my album! But, of course we have to understand these things. What with the attacks by North Korea, it's a sad occurrence, and we just hope that the people in Korea will be safe and that it will not lead to WAR! In the meantime, let's just PRAY and wait a little while longer.


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