This is S-Plus Entertainment.
We would like to sincerely thank the fans who has always given our artiste Kim HyungJun lots of love and support.
Here are the details to Christmas & New Year event which we have planned with Kim HyungJun. ^-^

[Christmas & New Year Event]

Leave us your wish that you must accomplish in the new year 2011.
Through random draw, we will send you Kim HyungJun¡¯s Christmas photo and his handwritten new year card.

Event period : 21-Dec Tuesday, just 1 day! (only messages left on 21st are eligible)
Announcement of winners : 22-Dec Wednesday at 6pm through homepage, will contact winners separately thereafter
Random draw method : Korean Official Homepage, Japan Official Homepage
Delivery date : Winners from Korean Official Homepage is on 27-Dec (*estimated)
Number of winners : 5 from Korean Official Homepage, 5 from Japan Official Homepage

[Method of application in Korean Official Homepage]

1) Those who wish to participate through Korean Official Homepage can post in board with header [New Year Event] and include your name/homepage ID/email/contact.
2) We will contact the winners separately after drawing the winners.
3) If the winners are uncontactable on the date of announcement of winners on 22-Dec, they will be automatically be removed. However, we will redraw replacement for the same number of uncontactable winners.

[Method of application in Japan Official Homepage]

We will be posting the notice in Japan Official Homepage today.

We seek for your unsparing love and concern towards Kim HyungJun in the future.
Thank you.

Credits : http://www.hyungjun.co.kr/ + SS601.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com


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