This is a touching message from a lovely person, I don't know who she is, but I thank her for writing and sharing this. If you guys know who wrote this, please tell me so I can give proper credit. I'm so touched with what she wrote, and I agree 501%! Personally, I can say that SS501 really and truly made a huge impact in my life, not just because of their talent and good looks, but something much more. And if people only give them a chance, they'll blow your minds with their talents, personalities, and amazing bond. And they have fans that are known to be peaceful, strong, and loving. That makes me proud to be a Triple S! To the one who wrote the message below, and to those who agree with her sentiments, thank you for respecting SS501 and Triple S. You guys rock! And yes, you don't have to make them your favorite group, we're not asking you to change your bias, but your respect for SS501 means a lot! Thanks!



Preeti said...

Really this secret is truly worth sharing. I'm proud of u guys (Both our boys and TS). SS501+ TS = FOrever..

jjovenq said...

Agree 501%!! Our boys don't have to be together to show their strong bond for each other. Also, the way TS behaves only shows how much we love & respect them cz our behavior as TSPH reflects what we are made of. I MISS SS501 SSSooooo much!!! I LOVE EACH AND EVERYONE OF THEM DEARLY!!! Hard to have a bias cz each of them are a GREAT person in their own very special way! GODSPEED, SS501..FIGHTING!!!

Janice said...

OMG, I am so touched by this...seriously. I agree with this 501%! We Triple S around the world, are proud of our boys. Yes, even though their contract ended but that does NOT mean they're not together anymore! Their band name 'SS501', 5 Super Stars united as 1 forever, still stays the same. <3

dANE said...

this is amazing..
i was first an elf and i thought the suju boys were very close..but the very minute i witnessed the bond between the 501 boys, i was amazed and i was hooked.. no question about it, they are really brothers bonded by love..

i am still an elf, i still love suju..
but leader, YS, KJ, JM and baby will always play a big part in my life..
they're not just singers, they inspire, they move, and they changed my life..

btw, thanks kate..this is an amazing blog..:)

Anonymous said...

I agree. SS501 did a great impact in my life. I know it's crazy but when I started to be a triple S I do good in class. SS501 inspires me always. More power >.<

phtriples said...

@Dane, thank you so much! Your comment means a lot! You don't know how happy I am to hear that SS501 has created a huge impact on you even though you're originally an ELF. It's like music to my ears. Thank you thank you!

ArinaRuksia said...

At first, I love DBSK then SUJU and now I only love SS501, there have determination to maintain together trying best to be successful in group or solo. I love them so much! There using all there effort. I want to see them together again as SS501 soon.

Sanny said...

I wonder who is the one who made this touching message :) really wanna meet her and say "Thank You so much " ^^

Anonymous said...

without a doubt SS501 can really have a huge impact on your life!!! ~O~
their songs, personalities, and their bonds between each other is just so...pure and sincere..
that's what differentiate them from other groups..
i hope they don't lose all of that.. :)))

chibskee said...

whoever wrote this one truly earns my utmost gratitude and respect. It is difficult for a fan to be protecting/respecting other band and their respective fans club. It only shows that the person who wrote this has a sincere heart. In the same way that you have respected and protected our lovely SS501 and TS, as a TS I will also do the same way. TS and SS501 together will be more stronger! though they are in different companies, TS will always support each and everyone of them until the right time comes when they will be back in each others arms! SS501 fighting!!

123 said...

no wonder why i become a TS.... other people/fans are even acknowledging our boys.... they maybe really have something that other idol groups don't have... i am truly thankful to the person who wrote this secret of hers'/his... i hope others will also learn to love and adore our boys...... I am proud to be a TS.... I will always love SS501....

Ivannah said...

Thank you so much to the one who wrote the message and also to Dane. It feels great to know that fans other than TS were "touched" by the special bond of ss501. We, TS always want to spread the love and special bond shared to us by SS501. Though physically separated at present but ALWAYS bound to each other by LOVE. Thanks again for the message.

^han joon^ said...

i agree with this message. i really do!
he/she must really open minded to write something like this..
i mean, there's no point in offense other boy band or girl band, just because we are not their fans..
beside being a TS, i am a SHAWOL need to compare one to another, every idols have their own charm..
and SS501 is the one who make me stuck with K-Pop until now, so, even now they're solo, i don't care, in my mind they will always be SS501 that i love!!hwaiting SS501!

DeeHoang said...

i love being a Triple S and i will forever be one.

Anonymous said...

i juz wanna express my feelings about ss501 here ..
b4 this, im ELF too n suju makes me love kpop world since 3years ago n never look others, untill this year when i explore on utube , i've found their ss501's show "Thanks 4 wake me up", i sudden fall in love with them, i love their natural jokes (always makes me non-stop laughing), their relationship (always take care of each other untill now), and their talent~ i dun know why, but i really like them more than suju now.. for me, each group has their own charms and abilities 2 attract their fans~ thats true, its really weird, in one day, my heart changed to ss501.. untill now n forever, they become no. 1 in my heart~
b4 this,whenever i look at suju or dbsk, im only feel energized as i watching their dance, and juz laugh each time they make jokes,its juz a love from fan to their idol, but 4 ss501, whenever i look at them, i feel really happy, the love is like they are really my brothers~ its seriously different feelings!! dun know how 2 say it! maybe its too late for me, but from now on, I'll love them more than others.. coz SS501 always makes me proud and respect upon their talents and strong relationship among members~
Go!! Go!! fighting!! long live ss501!!
triple S 4eva!! and ELF too!!!

and a lot of thanks to triplesphilippines blog~
Im always count on you to know everything about ss501~ although we are from different country,( im malaysian), but we become 1 as triple S!!
keep it up ur hardwork!! Fighting !!!

phtriples said...

Thank you for your lovely comments guys, and thank you for loving SS501! ♥

Riana said...

My First ever Fans club that I belonged to^^ (heheh I'm offically bcme TS cos of i joined ur blog Ate Kate)
SS501 made me listen to Korean songs which is Im not familiar wt n rarely listen to.
Im also an ELF.. And I Proudly say SS501 n SUJU Fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!
They're have a special place in my heart. and they'll always be part of my life..
I cried wt them,i also laugh wt them
They're lift up my spirits whn i feel so down
Its hard to explain..
But really these two (SS n SJ) are very precious to me. If i have to choose one of them,Im sorry i cant.. cos they're have an equal place in my heart. And whn i said I both (TS n ELF) i really meant it. I never hesitate to support them be it on cd,download,drama,any online voting,any twitter trending,concert(Hope SS501 will have one soon in S'pore^^),Fans meeting or anything else I'll support them as long as i can.
Funny whn I attended HJL fan meeting Im a TS
But whn I watch SS3 I'm an ELF^^
Whatever..I'm just so inlove them, Im so crazy for them..and I dun care what others say abt them.
That wont change the facts that I LOVE THEM Unconditionally and unhesitatingly!!!

Anonymous said...

i fall in love with them..only them..only with SS501..there's no other k-pop group that i love..only SS501..u are so special in my eyes and i love u with all my heart...i will pray the best for all of them...U are the only one..i'm glad that i found u...Double SS and TS..Hwaiting ^__^

wier_kiss said...

♥ SS501 ♥ Forever ♥
I'm proud to be one of the TripleS ^^
We must SUPPORT them forever and ever ♥
♥ SS501, 화이팅 <3

Janice said...

i hv NEVER liked any boybands and even during the days of western ones like westlife, take that or backstreet boys i only liked their songs but never really interested to find out more about them. then the korean bands like dbsk, suju, big bang etc emerged, i didnt really bother too, i guess in my life boybands just werent my thing. when i started knowing SS501, i sank really deep and got myself really hooked even without realizing it. they're just so different, so very very different from other bands...they're very pure, very real, very humble and the ir bond leaves me dumbfounded i never knew it was possible. i dont think i've seen such bonds anywhere, not in husband/wives, siblings, parents & their children. maybe i've not looked hard enough but SS501 really leave me speechless. while everyone has a bias and mine is kyujong, i just love all of them so much i feel surprised at myself. i've long stopped regarding them as idols coz i just dont feel that "idol" is a suitable word to describe them. to me idols just look good on the outside with no substance or are just himbos (male version of bimbos), so SS501 are not idols, i see them as very real people. i dont know why the other boybands hv failed to make that impact on my life but im not regreting. i can safely say SS501 is the 1st and the last boyband i will ever love. theres just no more space in my heart for anyone else/s now.

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