Who would have ever thought Saengie would do this? Well, we HOPED and we PRAYED. But it was still shocking for me when he did it in today's fanmeet. And he danced and sang to RAIN's "LOVE SONG", one of my favorite songs! Check out this VIDEO of his performance, and look at his facial expressions, SO SEDUCTIVE! I've replayed the video so many times, I lost track! Haha! Sorry, I had to blow up the first pic, can't resist him there! Saengie! You're SIZZLING HOT!


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Video Uploader: eums2516@YouTube

As for the article below, all I can say is... CAN'T WAIT! LOL!

Heo Young Saeng "Take It All Off"

On this day's fanmeet, Heo Youngsaeng and Kim Kyujong gave recommendations for great holidaying venues.

Heo Youngsaeng said, "I didn't have any particular experience of travelling alone, so I don't quite know (about recommendations)", "The USA that I went with Kyujong to, I think it'd be really difficult for me to have went alone", he expressed.

While Kim Kyujong recommended his hometown Jeonju, "Busan which I just came back from not long ago is good for holiday, too".

In addition, a concept that Heo Youngsaeng wants to challenge for once is to "take it all off", as he aroused much screams from fans present. "Will strip as soon as I train my body abit", as he stimulates anticipation.

Credit: ss501ode.blogspot.com

Video Uploader: hjcoco@YouTube


Janice said...

Oh man...I shouldn't read this first thing in the morning! Now I'm excited...><

Waaaaaah~~~!! 'Take it ALL off'?! :O

Anonymous said...

so cute and yet seductive young saeng :)

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