SS501 members flaunted their friendship.

On the 4th at Seoul Sangmyung University's church hall, there was a special guest who found his way to the [Kyujong & Youngsaeng Story in Seoul]. And he is none other than Park Jung Min. He has made his way right down to the waiting lounge in order to congratulate Kyujong and Youngsaeng's first official schedule ever since moving into a new agency. He prepared a large cake to congratulate both their new start.

Park Jungmin said, "I'm happy for their new footstart. No matter where our members may be, we support and cheer on for one another".

On this day's fanmeeting, gagman Lee Jinho is the MC for it. Heo Youngsaeng and Kim Kyujong sung to [I love you..I'm sorry] and [Never let you go]. They also carried out a battle between whose culinary skills was better. They made Sandwiches and Kimbap respectively, and according to ratings by fans, the losing party had to take on [lucky or not] punishment. After which they spent time to answer to fans' questions relating to their recent updates.

Heo Youngsaeng re-enacted Rain's [Song to hold you back] (Song for you). He showed his sexy waves by putting on Rain's stage outfit that was delivered over by airmail. Kim Kyujong also showed his powerful chereography with his solo song [Wuss Up]. At the end of it all, both of them sung to [Wings of the World] as they closed the fanmeeting successfully.

Both of them will be holding fanmeets after Seoul in Thailand, Hongkong, Singapore, Japan etc.

Source : Sports Hankooki + Korean to English Translation by Ode@blog

Credit: HK TripleS + as tagged

Pardon the old picture at the start of this post, kekeke. I couldn't find any pic of them together in the fanmeet. I wonder, did they mention JM even once during the fanmeet? Aaah, I just love Jung Minnie. He really gives his all out support to his members.


LapinApple said...

I so love Jungmin, my fave...and it's really nice to read news like this, so much love and support to one another...and im so happy for KyuSaeng...SS501 is the best, really!=D

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