Before the fanmeeting on this day, Heo Youngsaeng also revealed on the press conference, “We had been doing activities as SS501 with 5 of us together, now that we are doing this separately again, it’s really the first”, “Before we came here actually, we were worrying about what to say”, as he revealed their thoughts on beginning a new solo activity chapter.

Indeed Kim Kyujong mentioned too “We have been preparing alot for this fanmeeting, we felt so nervous and excited that we could not sleep”, “Though we are so nervous, it’s now our new fresh start; what’s left ahead is only a better paved road for us”.

“Not long ago, we had a drink with our members, we mentioned that we will do a fanmeeting today. They just really encouraged and supported us as if it was like their own schedule”, “in particular, they gave much advices like not to get nervous and just do it well, etc”, as Kyujong added.

Credit: Ode@blog

SS501 members Heo Young Saeng and Kim Kyu Jong held a press conference before their fanmeeting, “Kyu Jong & Young Saeng STORY IN SEOUL,” took place on December 4th.

Kyu Jong revealed a bit of the group’s future plans by stating, “I met with the members last week and discussed the plans for SS501’s next album. It will be released next year. We wanted to succeed in our solo activities in order to better regroup as SS501.”

Lead vocalist Heo Young Sang will be releasing a solo album next year, while Kim Kyu Jong focuses on acting activities.

On his acting, Kyu Jong added, “I want to learn properly, so I’m taking it step by step. I felt that the rest of our members were able to reach the level of their acting skills through much effort.”

Heo Young Saeng concluded, “As long as I have my hyungs that I trust, the only thing left in our future is a new road to walk through together.”

Their impressive fanmeeting managed to sell out within 10 minutes of the tickets going on sale, and it will be held later in the day. The two will be revealing footage from their period of hiatus, such as vacation clips and day to day life.

Their fan meetings will continue on to the rest of Asia, through Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, and other locations.

Source: allkpop

SS501 Kim KyuJong, Heo YoungSaeng appear for their first official schedule after since moving into a new agency.

On 4th at 7PM at Seoul Hongji-dong's SangMyung University church hall, Kim Kyujong and Heo Youngsaeng will be having their fanmeeting [Kyujong & Youngsaeng STORY IN SEOUL].

In just 10 minutes after ticketing for this fanmeet was open, it got sold out immediately, and with this, amount of anticipation fans have for these two is so much evident. Through this event, both of them is expected to release video footages of their holidays and daily activities during their resting period.

Kim Kyujong and Heo Youngsaeng are expected to hold fanmeetings in not just Korea but also Thailand, Hongkong, Singapore, Japan and other asian countries.

Meanwhile, before these two stepped forth, after the end of broadcast for MBC's [Playful Kiss], Kim Hyunjoong who had first went on with his personal activities will be alongside his agency's boss Bae Yongjoon for the [Smile Project] approaching soon which will take place at Japan Tokyo's Dome. Kim Hyungjun is currently appearing in musical titled [Cafein] while Park Jungmin is also slated to release his first solo album in next January.

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5 member group SS501's Heo Youngsaeng has revealed his preparations for his personal solo album along all this while resting.

Heo Youngsaeng expressed on this day's fanmeeting that, "Rested alot all this while, and has been preparing for each of our solo activities", as he revealed.

"Like in my case, I've been preparing for my singer activities, and also received songs for my album", "I spent time doing album preparations, exercising, training etc".

With regards to his moving into new agency, "I moved into here because there were people whom I could really trust, so I chose here", "I don't regret. What's in front of me now is a better paved road ahead, with faith and the will, I'll be able to do well and better", as he added on.


5 member group SS501's Kim KyuJong revealed his thoughts on challenging acting first for his individual activities.

"For the sake of my acting activities in future, I've been receiving acting lessons since not long ago", "Before taking on lessons, I was just like, 'I can do it if I just do it that way'; I didn't know how hard it was". "but after learning, I really felt it was nothing simple at all", "Members who took on acting first like Kim Hyunjoong and Park Jungmin has proved their efforts; I now really know the significant importance of hardwork", as he added on.

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SS501 member Kim Kyujong revealed that SS501's new album will be expected to be released around next year, as he did so on the press conference of his official fanmeeting on the 4th.

On the 4th at the press conference held at Seoul Sangmyung University's Sangmyung Art Center, "Last week I met up with the members and discussed about SS501's album plans", "Probably after our members complete their personal activities, we'll be then able to release our album around next year".

"Only after we successfully complete all our personal activities will we be able to reunite as SS501", "As we see of it now, it will be around next year", as he puts it.

On the other hand, SS501's lead vocalist Heo Youngsaeng will be expected to release his solo album around mid of next year, while Kim Kyujong will go into the acting field.

Kim Kyujong adds, "Been wanting to learn it properly, since a long time ago, I've been studiously studying acting", "With that, indeed I felt so much about the extreme hardwork put in by the other members who had challenged acting already", as he shows his felt thoughts.

Credits: + Ode@blog


Both of them revealed that "there are still no specific dates set for album release". They are still discussing this while the other members, and they felt that it would be best for them to successfully do solo activities first, after which they will plan to release the album around next year. They will also give their best in searching for better song receptions.

Member Kyujong also stated that "the other members wanted to come too, but they contacted us to say they can't come because of other schedules", "all of them gave us support by encouraging us not to be nervous and just go ahead to show our awesome stage", as he thus asserted their unchanged friendship.

Credits: + Ode@blog

Credits: as tagged on pics


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Finally, the day has come! I was really really looking forward to this! They both look so handsome! Welcome back boys!!! You've been missed!


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