“Flower boy” Kim Hyun Joong was being called “The most beautiful man on earth”, causing him to look embarrassed and not knowing how to react, he could only smile as a response. He who support natural beauty, said that if he have to run away due to emergency, he will bring along products from TheFaceShop that he endorsed. “Because I have to take care of my looks, that way, I will be able to earn money with it!” Not forgetting about caring his outlook despite the fact about running for his live, he is indeed “flower boy”!

Kim Hyun Joong who took over the endorsement from his boss, Bae YongJoon, introduced a new facemask from TheFaceShop this morning at a 5 star hotel. His Asia promotional tour in Malaysia, he didn’t forget to promote the new product, also mention that because of work, he always have to put on make up, so he will use TheFaceShop mask everything, and this whitening series is what he always use when he’s in Korea, ad he came specially to introduce this to Malaysians.

Maybe because of the tight schedule, although he is dressed in cool white outfit, but he look tired, bloodshot eyes with dark eye circle, coughing once in a while due to dry throat, also didn’t smile much during the press conference, only till when he’s introducing the new product, he starts to show his charming smile. And there’s a Malay female reporter kept praising that he is “The most beautiful man on Earth”, he who was taken aback by such direct compliment, seems a little embarrass, not knowing how to react.

As it’s already Winter in Korea, it’s very cold, he mention that after arriving Malaysia, he feel very warm, but also not forgetting to praise how beautiful is the snow in Korea. “Welcome all Malaysians to go skiing in Korea, feel the snow.” He who pursue to be natural, regarding “Natural beauty” what is his definition? “To maintain the mentality and how you carries it, that’s the definition of natural beauty.”

The way he maintain his health is:”Definitely will do exercise every morning, maintain a cheerful mood.” He also shares that he likes to shower, because it able to make his mood turn better.

Fans singing at the airport, Kim Hyun Joong walked past with his head lowered

“Flower boy” Kim Hyun Joong arrive Malaysia on the 3rd, attracted many Malay fans to wait for him at the airport, When Kim Hyun Joong walked out of the airport at 6.40pm, fans are already on standby, they not only prepared balloons, boards, and they even sang Kim Hyun Joong’s song to welcome their idol. But when Kim Hyun Joong appears, he walked past quickly with his head lowered, boarding the car immediately. Although he didn’t have any interaction with the fans, but just by looking at their idol walking past, their screams is enough to attract all attentions.

Credits: 星洲互动 + Translated by: reena29shadow
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Credit: Hyuniversal


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