December 10, 2010

Going Out Of Town!

Annyeong Triple S! Well, like what the sign above says, I'll be going on a short vacation starting today so I won't be able to update this blog for 5 days. I don't think I'll have Internet access while I'm away. Will catch up when I get back! See ya all next week!


SS501 arab fans said...

have a nice vacation ^^
and happy ,,,,, happy time

maorreng said...

that cant be?! how are we going to get updated with the boys. huhu. but yea sure, enjoy your trip

Anonymous said...

Annyeong! have a safe trip, admin :D Godbless you.

Anonymous said...

Have a nice vacation ^_^

Anonymous said...

i hope you come back soon.... hu ... hu... hu...
can't wait to hear the latest about my idols.... omg... my life will not the same without visiting this site every single minute im going online... hope you come back soon and feed us the latest... God Bless you!

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