SS501 Park JungMin - Kim HyungJun 'Skinship' With Fans Through Twitter

SS501 Kim HyungJun, Park JungMin will be meeting with fans through twitter.

Kim HyungJun on 9th at 11am and Park JungMin on 10th at 2pm respectively, they will be having real-time talks with fans through Daily Economy Star Today twitter (@mkstartoday).

This twitter fan meeting will be conducted in a way where they will reply to fans' questions in twitter on real-time. Their feelings towards solo activities after SS501, future plans, etc, questions which fans have been curious about, they will reply to these questions honestly.

Kim HyungJun has recently debut successfully as a musical actor through romantic comedy musical 'Cafe in'. Musical 'Cafe in' which became a hot discussion topic as it is produced by actor Kang JiHwan, is a pure and original musical that sold out all of its 20,000 seats, a box office hit.

Park JungMin is going to release his solo album 'Not Alone' soon, and will be spreading his activities to Asia regions besides Korea, such as Japan, Taiwan, etc. He is also planning to film a drama in Taiwan next year, and has received invitations/proposals all over in Asia.

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I think this is a really cool activity! There are so many TS now on Twitter and this will be a great opportunity for us all. Are you guys excited?! It's gonna be FUN! Here are the notices from Tom & Jerry's respective companies...

[Notice] Meet Hyung Jun on Twitter this Thursday!

This is S Plus Entertainment.
On this Thurday 11.30am at Everday’s Economy Star Interview, there will be a real-time meeting with the stars via Twitter.
Fans please take part enthusiastically.

[Guide] Join in and meet Kim Hyung Jun via Twitter!

Schedule: 9 December Thursday 11:30am
If you have always been curious and have questions for Kim Hyung Jun, you can raise them this Thursday through Twitter (@mkstartoday), please take part enthusiastically.

On that day at 11.30am, notifications would be given if there are changes in the schedule.

Thank you.

Credits: S-Plus Entertainment + Trans: Only Jun (


CNR Notice – Twitter Interview with Park Jung Min

Hello. This is CNr Media.

Park Jung Min will conduct a Twitter interview at 2pm on (10/12/2010) Friday.

He will have a Twitter interview through @Mkstartoday.
If you are curious about Park Jung Min’s daily life, and hope to chat and spend some time with him, please participate in this activity~^^

Thank you.

Source: + Translation: Fiona@PJM IFC + rainaftershine
Redirect with full credit [ Park Jung Min International Fans Club ]


Jettie Mae said...

why is it like that? pwede bang ibahin ang time?LoL. 11:30 AM?? that's our lunch break in school..then on friday.. i'm still at school @ 2pm~~ hope the time will be change..

Anonymous said...

is this 11:30 and 2pm korean time? i'm in canada so what time are they going to be on? lol please help! :)

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