It was a fun day today with the live tweets coming in courtesy of our lovely SG Triple S sisters from Leader's fansign event at IMM in Singapore. I could feel their excitement and happiness as they watched Leader. The charity auction was daebak! Lucky fans also got to go on stage with Leader, got his autograph, and his sweet smile. That alone is a memory that will be with them forever, Leader's megawatt smile etched firmly in their minds. Aaah... congratulations girls!

A lot of fancams and pictures have been shared. Can't post them all here, since there are too many. I loved the part where Leader signed the backdrop with his name and SS501. I was touched by that. It's like he's leaving the message that even though he went there alone, he is in fact still bringing SS501 with him.
Awww... SS501 is always in his heart. That made me tear up. Huhuhu. Love you Leader! Anyway, here are just some of the fancams from the event:

Kim Hyun Joong @ TFS Fan Sign, IMM (ThemurdererQ)
Kim Hyun Joong Fansign IMM - Arrival
Signing backdrop / 1st gift opening
2nd & 3rd gift opening
Standee Auction
HyunJoong taking a break and fans singing for him
Hyun Joong sings 'One more Time' w/ fans

More fancams can be found here: violettacal | TherainaftershineMV | @Quainte501

Awwww.... so cute ^^ how can the little girl cry when she's being carried by the most handsome man?! Keke.
Credits: rainaftershine + MurdererQ + quainte501 + as tagged

More pictures can be found here: Rainaftershine Set 1 & Set 2


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