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POPULAR Korean singer-actor Kim Hyun Joong raised more than $12,000 at his autograph session-cum-charity auction at IMM shopping centre on Friday.

Two life-size autographed standees of him fetched more than $6,000 each. The charity auction was held in conjunction with World Aids Day and proceeds will go to World Vision's One Life Fund.

The auction for each of Kim Hyun Joong's standees started at $150 and subsequent bids were $50 per hand raised. But it soon spiralled into the thousands with the final bid for the first standee going for $6,500 and the second standee, $6,686.

The numbers for the second bid of 6686 coincides with the numbers for Kim's birthday, which is June 6, 1986.

Encouraged by the response, Kim himself matched the second bid, and pledged another $6,686, bringing the total proceeds for charity up to $19,872.

The Korean heartthrob made his first public appearance in Singapore as the new ambassador of Korean cosmetics brand The Face Shop.

Writer: Elrica Tanu

Pic Credits: MurdererQ +

All I can say is, WOW! SG fans are really rich to be able to fork out $6,000+ for the standees! That's a LOT of money! Leader is also very kind, he was worried that the amount might be too much for the fans. He's also generous to donate the same amount to the charity. That's Leader, when it comes to charity, he's very giving! That's why blessings come to him 501 times more! Keke. Kudos to The Face Shop, SG Triple S and Hyun Joong for this successful charity auction!


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