Are you guys excited for tonight's KyuSaeng fanmeeting in Seoul? For those who are attending here's a notice from B2M Entertainment on how you can get KyuSaeng lightsticks. Aren't they pretty?! I want them too!


Hi everybody
This is B2M Entertainment that held ‘KyuJong & YoungSaeng AND Story in Seoul’.

‘KyuJong & YoungSaeng AND Story’ official light stick has released.
Design with KyuJong, YoungSaeng’s english character, hope fans will give more support.
(ex: 규종- KyuJong / 영생-YoungSaeng)

Will start selling on Saturday at GyeDang Hall (Big Theatre), SungMyeong University.
Everybody please take note, do not purchase the light stick from roadside hawkers
Thank you.

Source: B2M Entertainment Notice Board
Korean to Chinese Translation: Cheunya @
Chinese to English translation:

Please repost with full credit


And for those who are planning to go to the HongKong fanmeeting, here's how you can get your tickets...

Kyu Jong & Young Saeng AND Story in HongKong Ticket Sales Info

Ticket will officially on sale from 8 December.

TIcketing Purchase hotline: 31 288 288
Online purchase:

South Korea popular boy band SS501′s member Kim KyuJong and Heo YoungSaeng’s fan meeting ‘KyuJong and YoungSaeng AND Story in Hong Kong’, will be held on 8 January 2011 (Saturday), 7pm at AsiaWorld-Expo, Runway 11. Ticket for this acitivity will officially start selling from 8 Dec 2010 (Wednesday).

KyuJong and YoungSaeng Asia Tour fanmeeting will first start from Seoul and Bangkok, this hot wave will set foot on Hong Kong in the 3rd stop. To HongKong, Macau and China mainland’s TripleS, especially KyuJong and YoungSaeng’s fans, this fan meeting is definitely not to be missed. At that time, KyuJong and YoungSaeng will sing many songs and play games with fans, sharing a happy and fun moment. Their oversea tour and private life video clips will be played, from this will be able to see a completely new look of these 2 person.

Ticket price is HK$980, $790 and $480 (allocated seating). Those that purchase the HK$980 & $780 ticket before 20 Dec 2010 (Monday), 100 ticket holders will be able to get a chance to shake hand with YoungSaeng and KyuJong. Another 100 ticket holders will get both of their autographed poster 2 pieces. Each ticket will stand a chance, to show fairness. (1)

All ticket holders will receive specially design poster for Hong Kong fanmeeting 2 pieces.

(1) The organizer will pick the 200 ticket holders before the event, the result will be release on Singtao Newspaper and The Standard HK Newspaper and also Winners please arrive earlier at the event venue to receive the autograph poster. As for the lucky winner that win the chance for handshake, we will set a booth at the event venue to check the validity of the ticket, once the validity is confirmed, staff will arrange the winners to have the handshake event after the event. Each ticket only hold one chance to show fairness.

Credits: + (English translation)


Janice said...

DAMN IT!! 55~~I want to go to the fanmeeting next year in HK...usually I go to HK to visit my grandparents every January, but sadly I'm not allowed to next year...X( If only the meeting was in this year's January...I'm usually at AsiaWorld-Expo everytime I go to HK...TT

rhaine tsuki said...

i want those light sticks! @_@ ahh! :) YAY for youngsaeng and kyujong! :) i hope they have a wonderful concert!!!

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