Leader is off to Singapore today for The Face Shop tour and fansigning! Too bad I wasn't on Twitter tonight for the live updates shared by our Singapore TS sisters, but backreading their tweets, I'm sure they had a wonderful time meeting Leader at the airport! And everyone is excited for the fansign tomorrow! Anyway, here are pics of Leader at Incheon airport leaving for Singapore earlier. And also fancams from the airport.

Video Uploader: leenongkan2@YouTube

Credit: 501_dg

And a fancam and pics of his arrival at Changi Airport... hmm... is it just me, or is Leader chewing gum? Keke. He looks so serious. LOL. But so gorgeous! Also check out PERFECT fancams, must see! PERFECT 1 & PERFECT 2

Video Uploader: CrazyNunaFans@YouTube

Credit: Hyuniversal0606 + as tagged


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