Kim Hyung Jun: "It's not easy being a musical actor.'

Recently, the singer turned musical actor SS501 Kim Hyung Jun's Ddok-shil-shin (Knocked out) photos became the topic of discussion on the fan websites.

The photo being posted was entitled "So tired and on the brink of collapse Kim Hyung Jun", showing a photo of Kim Hyung Jun sleeping.

In the photo, the exhausted Kim Hyung Jun was sleeping on the sofa with the cushions. Recently, from being an idol, Kim Hyung Jun took his first step towards starring in a musical as an actor. With the combination of Musical 'Cafe-in' OST 'Love Is' recording, the busy schedule can be seen in the photo which led to fans reacting in concern and sorriness for him.

The photo led to to fans' comment such as "The first musical led one to shed tears and feel tensed at the increasing burden", "It's really very tiring" "I want to be the cushion", "I feel sorry" etc, where the concerns of the fans can be seen.

Meanwhile, in the first comedy musical "Cafe-in", Kim Hyung Jun who played the double lead role doesn't seem like a new-comer at all, and his acting has received the passing mark as a musical actor.

Credits: ArtNews + (Translation) Wonderrrgirl @

Awww, take care of yourself Maknae! Get enough rest! You're doing a great job, so keep it up! But don't forget to take care of your health! Fighting!


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