Our 4D Leader left another message on his Japan mobile site. God of Universe? HAHAHA! And there's even a drawing of an alien! LOL. I swear, I can never really predict what goes on in this guy's mind. He's just so 4-Dimensional! And a self-confessed lover of aliens! Haha! He's so cute. I bet if I asked who wants to live in Leader's 4D world, I would see a lot of raised hands, right? But then again, aren't we all in it already? Kekeke.


Good afternoon~ I am HyunJoong.

It is already year 2011.

Currently I am making my new album.

Actually my hand writing is not very beautiful, don't very like to write a letter, but because the Japan fans hope to have my hand written letter, so I have written with care. In the new year I want to present a good album and product and is a little nervous. In the new year hope everybody will be healthy and will have a lot of happy things.

God of Universe.

Credit: HyunBar66.cn
Chinese Translation: 雨涵 @ HyunBar66.cn
English translation: PlanetHyun.blogspot.com
Please repost with full credit


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Love him so much... 4d through and through....

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