Since this is the first time that Kyu Jong and Young Saeng will be interacting with their fans, let's make it a memorable experience for them. Triple S Philippines is planning a surprise for the boys and we could really use your help to make this a reality!

Songs from the heart

For this project, we need three people who can pledge to print 250 copies of the lyrics to "Wings of the World" and the Korean version of "The Birthday Song" for Kyu Jong. We'll be singing these two songs to them during the fanmeet and the lyrics you print will be distributed to the fanmeet attendees. Below is what you'll be printing in Font: Calibri, Size: 8.5.

Download the file here: Songs from the Heart

It is customary for Triple S to contribute food, drink and flowers to ANY SS501 event. It is a source of pride for every Green Pea to know that something they've worked hard for will be enjoyed by the boys. So, in staying true to tradition brought on by Triple S before us, here is what we can do.

Waters from the heart

For this project, we need 10 people who can pledge a box of mineral water in 250-275 ml bottles EACH. Brand of mineral water is yet to be determined. The bottles will be given for Kyu Jong and Young Saeng's use as well as for their staff and entourage.

Food from the Heart

For this project, we need 35 people who can pledge 500 php EACH. We'll be using the money to buy the 2 stacked breads with icing in pastry form ( know what this is supposed to be right?), food and snacks for Kyu Jong and Young Saeng and for their staff and entourage as well.

Flowers from the Heart (ALREADY CLOSED FOR DONATION)

For this project we need 4 people to contribute 400 php each for the two bouquets we are planning to give Kyu and Saeng.

If you can help with any of these by pledging, please post in this thread using this code


We will be including your names in the cards that will be attached to the water boxes and food baskets. As for the printers, please put "Courtesy of: [your name] from Triple S Philippines" on the lyric copies you'll be printing out.

Here's a sample of the card that will be included with your pledges.

Here are the details on how you can send us your pledges:

By Bank:

Ana Rachelle v. Dilag
BPI - St. Francis Branch

Send to

We really hope you can find it in your hearts to help make this surprise a reality. Thanks in advance!


A big THANKS is owed to the people who already answered the call. Bless you!

Credit: hyunjeree@TSPH forum


KaidaRita said...

I really want to help out and send money,
but I live in the US and I don't use paypal. I could send it to my brother...if only I knew where he lives in Cavite

rhaine tsuki said...

Hey! I can help, I live in the US and can send $ via paypal for some of the stuff, the food I guess since that is the only one a monetary donation is left for, If it is needed for the water as well or the supplies for any of the people who want to print out the lyrics let me know. just email me
I can pledge at minimum the 500php for the food, but more if needed :)

when will the paypal portion open?

jjovenq said...

I'm in!! 500 cash call! Do I send it to that BPI account already?

phtriples said...

Hi guys,

@jjovenq, yup! just send to the BPI account.

@rhaine, for PAYPAL, send to Akee's paypal:

Don't forget your email and names for payment confirmation. Thanks a bunch!

she said...

Hi! I could help too. I'm gonna send my pledge for food, snack and for the water bottle tomorrow. Is there anything else I could help? well, kng mangyari na after 29th of january ay kulang parin kau sa budget, pls do email me at Thank's.

rhaine tsuki said...

hello! i get paid...the day before the deadline! my time dif. is 12 hours i think? so when i get paid that morning...i can send the $ via paypal. sorry for the inconvenience!

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