Young Saeng Questions & Answers

Q: My Name is?

A: Heo Young Saeng~~!!

Q: An event which I'd like to do for my girlfriend on Valentine's Day?
A: A CD which includes a song and a video written & created by myself as a gift.. ^^

Q: Mushy things I wish to say to someone I love
A: "It seems like i have been saving these words up till now so that i can say to you... "'I.Love.You."

Q: The greatest thing I've done for a girl i love is?
A: Got cheated 5 times but turned a blind eye..

Q: I am not dating... reason is?
A: Despite me crazily being nice,, but seems like girls prefer bad boy more!!!

Q: If i fall in love I will change
A: Modestly

Q: What is your method of dealing with girls?
A: Pretending to be indifferent!!

Q: The last time when i fell out of love was because?
A: I was being too nice

Q: The reason why i don't have a girlfriend now is because?
A: I did all that I've done!!

Q: If i have a girlfriend, the first thing i'd like to do with her is?
A: Simply talk about everything honestly over a cup of soju!!

Q: Gift which I want to receive and give for Valentine's Day is?
A: I want to receive a car and give my heart

Credits: SS601 + English Translation: Honeyeee + Wonderrrgirl @


Kyu Jong Questions & Answers

Q: My Name?
A: Kim KyuJong.

Q: If use a sentence to introduce myself?
A: Completely Perfect Man.

Q: During Valentine day this type of special day, words that you want to tell your girl friend are?
A: “Really, no matter how much have been done, my heart that wishes to give everything to you. Now, not knowing when will meet again before the departure, fight (go on battle) more dignified, fight (go on battle) more dignified. I love you…”
Written by Writer Kim KyuJong

Q: Greatest thing ever done for girl you love?
A: Risk the life! Just for her!

Q: My love is……
A: Get along first then see

Q: Reason is……
A: The more you know a girl the more difficult it is to understand

Q: If fall in love I will turn……
A: Become romantic (Although people around me said it doesn’t match me)

Q: What kind of girl will let me show my best trick?
A: Don’t know what is consider as my best trick, I will only fall in love with a person.

Q: If have a girl friend, things most wanted to do are?
A: Holding hands to date in cinema, amusement park, shopping.

Q: During Valentines Day if give ‘Myself’ as a present to girl friend, hope to wrap up which portion nicely to give her?
A: Heart beat, only beating for her.

Chinese translation: 默默 @
Chinese proofing: redcat111 & Cheunya @
English translation:

Please repost with full credit

Aaah, loved this interview! Wish it were longer!


jjovenq said...

Oh my dear Saengie boy, looks like you're looking at the wrong kind of girls. A nice kind of guy like you deserves a nice kind of girl. Look inside her heart more than physically..

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