Park Jung Min "Reason for not meeting SS501 members often is..."

Group SS501's Park JUngMin release his first solo album 'Not Alone', starting his solo activities.

From a member from group SS501 who has mostly Asia fans, to using his own name 'Park JungMin' to come back again.

From the different outlook as compare to the past could see his changes. Reducing weight up till 10kg, he who is with slimmer face shape and body, has the toughness of 'cool boy'.

After reducing weight looking more mature's Park JungMin said: "Looking at SS501's past DVD (was too fat), had a shock, decided to reduce weight." then he laugh cheerfully.

After changing to his new agency CNR Media, for solo activities, of course there will be a lot of fear and difficulties in many areas, regarding this, Park JungMin said: "After completing SS501 activities, was really hurt, kept thinking "What to do in future?" Was worrying for very long. Because it was very painful emotionally, had even thought of qutting (entertainment circle). Even up till the level that needed to eat sleeping pill then can go asleep. Don't know whether it is because of emotional stress, during that time really felt very pain."

JungMin also said: "However now looking back at that period, felt that has learned something. Learned that actually at the same time when I has became single, can also work harder to make myself stronger. If continue to have activities in a group, maybe I would not be able to feel the cruelty of reality. Maybe I would not work harder in order to own even stronger ability, so (solo activities) from another angle could be the opportunity to allow me to develop a sense of independance. Will also always think of the past, the period when I was working hard alone participating in the interview. Gradually could feel that 'SS501's fan do not definitely is my fans' that kind of worries has diminished. Therefore my confidence is continuing to expand."

Currently SS501 members remain in contact, will also cheer and support for each others activities. Not long ago, in order to support acted in Musical 'Cafe-In''s main lead Kim HyungJun, Park JungMin personolly went to attend his musical, became a hot topic.

Regarding question of whether members will attending event and meeting, Park JungMin said truefully: "We will always cheer for each others activities, will also often communicate via phone. However if meeting to often, I fear that I will start to feel dependent, therefore now will purposely try to control not to meet them. Especially now, not at this important period during this solo activities."

Group SS501 member Park JungMin official release his solo album 'Not Alone' on 20th, officially started his come back activities.

Source: SS601 + Chinese translation: 笑儿@
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