SS501 Kim KyuJong and Heo YoungSaeng assured a new start in front of their Asia fans.

Both of them met with their fans around Asia regions, starting with "KyuJong & YoungSaeng AND Story in Seoul" on 4-Dec held at GyeSang Hall, SangMyeong University, Seoul. Thailand in December, then passing through the new year, HongKong and Japan in January, they made memories with their fans. With their last stop in Philippines fan meeting on 3-Feb, they met up with about 15,000 fans in 5 countries.

This fan meeting is their first event with their new agency. This is their first official performance in a year, so they could not hide their expression of excitement. Their gratefulness towards each countries fans who filled up the audience seats, and the excitement of standing on the stage which they’ve yearned for, these expressions were shown on their faces. Each and every country welcomed them warmly with their own unique way which created unforgettable memories for both of them.

Filled with Kim KyuJong and Heo YoungSaeng’s charms, SportsHanKook took a peek at each of the Asia countries’ fan meeting.

# Where is the end of the question?

Bangkok Thailand fan meeting was held on 10-Dec last year. It is not just fans alone who waited for the both of them. Local reporters, who were curious about SS501 members’ recent news, were in frenzy to get these stories. Besides the official press conference, they have press conference one after another even in the place where they stayed.

# Cutesy Dance YoungSaeng

Heo YoungSaeng did an impromptu 'aegyo’s dance upon fans' request. He made a little cute smile and swayed his body, sending the fans to scream and cheered for him.

# KyuJong’s Killer Smile

Charming Kim KyuJong who makes a soft smile. It has been a long time since he faces with fans so he kept smiling constantly. Calmly looking at the audience and sometimes got teary at some thoughts, but the delightful smile spread over his lips.

# Cooking Battle! Winner is?

Their cooking battle which started in Seoul continued even in Thailand. Anxious Kim KyuJong who couldn’t move his hands like what he had in mind, Heo YoungSaeng’s expression when looking at him, and crossing their sight with the pleading look of their fans looking at them, and breaking into laughter.

# Explosion of Sentiments!

Crossing over to a new year, both of them kept the heat of their fan’s passion even in HongKong on 8-Jan. They sang "I love you. Sorry" and 'Never Let You Go" respectively and fans cheered in return. The audience let out exclamations towards their never-rusty stage manner and deep sentiments.

# Explosion of Passion!

They also gave all they have in the dance battle. Heo YoungSaeng sang Rain’s "Song to Hold on You" and Kim KyuJong sang "Wuss up", heating the atmosphere in the fan meeting even higher.

Credits : + (photos) B2M Ent + + (English Translation) xiaochu @

All I can say is, I'm lucky and honored to be a part of KyuSaeng's story in Manila. And I'm sure those who attended their fanmeet in at least one of the countries they visited agree with me and feel the same way. I'm so proud of these two!


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