Star Interview – SS501 Kim Kyu Jong doubles as an actor, Learning to be an actor since last year... “See you on TV shortly”

Straight set of teeth, bright smile, and above all, a good-natured pair of eyes... SS501’s member Kim KyuJong is like a little prince. He did not lose his humbleness even when he is a star who receives the spotlights on himself on the stage. His mind as it is, is like hidden in one word, in one smile.

A member of SS501, Kim KyuJong took a step forward in order to become an actor. Even when he made his determination to become a singer cum ‘actor’, he said “The preparation time was short” “I still have much lackings” “Won’t do if I am impatient right?”, etc showing his thoughts without any pretense.

“I am shy to be standing in front of fans who are looking at me and cheering for me. Thank you for loving me who is still lacking in many ways. But I will not be shy in the future. Because I am planning to work hard consistently and make up to my lacking.”

Kim KyuJong, like what he said, has been focusing on acting lessons since last year. He does it ahead of time, and he sweats (works hard) to return to the beginning before he regrets. Different from showing the choreographed dance on stage, he occupies himself with practices - sometimes elaborated, sometimes relaxed - words and expressions that open his mind.

“I get this kind of thought when standing on the stage sometimes. What a sorry thing it is to be showing the song and dance which I learnt for a year to the fans for a period of 5 years. If I had put in the effort and sweat like now during that time, I would have shown an even better image.... With such a thought, even when it gets difficult these days, I am enjoying and I am happy.”

It’s a cliché. But coupled with a good expression on his face, the sincerity in his words can be seen. ‘Beginners’ mind’ ‘Mind of a rookie’ ‘With mind for learning’ these are the words which Kim KyuJong said towards learning acting. Among SS501 members, they joked about following leader Kim HyunJoong’s acting in dramas "Boys Over Flowers" "Mischievous Kiss", but it is not possible at the moment. Only when he experienced it himself that he knew how much the difference are depending on the venue and situation when acting. Recently, he learnt of how much Kim HyunJoong had put in when he had to engage in music production while acting at the same time.

Kim KyuJong felt happy when he sees for his members making sold-outs in each of their activities. Kim KyuJong left DSP Media, and joined B2M Entertainment with Heo YoungSaeng at the end of last year, an agency which Lee Hyori belongs to and its Representative Gil JongHwa who trained him before. Other members of SS501, Kim HyunJoong is a singer and actor, and Kim HyungJun becomes a singer and musical actor. Another member Park JungMin released his solo album recently and is going on promotional activities touring in Asia.

“We thought of releasing SS501’s album within this year, but we don’t know how it will go yet. All of us are so busy. YoungSaeng hyung and I have been advising each other so we met frequently. I often have calls with the other members and get news of each other. Seeing the other members working hard, I obtained the courage to be able to do well too.”

Kim KyuJong, just like his non-pretense thoughts are an indication of his appearance as an actor soon. Recently as a rookie actor, he didn’t mind to participate in actor auditions too. This is because he thinks that even though he is already good as a singer, but he is still at the beginner stage as an actor.

“I feel that acting is about using your own strength to fight with the camera. Above all, ensemble is also important. There are works undergoing discussion, and seems like it will be decided on soon. Even though it is not a big production, please look forward to see how much I will change with it.”

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Always the same, sweet, humble Kyu that we all love so much! Can't wait to see you on TV soon Kyu Jongie! Missing you a LOT!


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Kim Kyu Jong..way to go, you have all our support!!!

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