March 7, 2011

Kim Hyun Joong Spotted!

We rarely see Leader out and about since he's concentrating on his solo album preparations. So it's always a treat to be able to see glimpses of him, no matter how small. Like these two public appearances he made. Last March 5, fans saw him having dinner at Jaksal Chicken... look at the 2nd picture, he was watching the TV, and guess who's on? It's Jung Minnie @ M Super Concert! Would have loved to see his face there... aish, even though Leader doesn't always show his love and care for his members PUBLICLY, we know how much he loves them right? He doesn't need to showcase it to everyone. He's not that kind of guy who is comfortable with public displays of affection, that's just not his personality. He's more of the silent, behind the scenes supporter. Yeah, it would've been great if he was more showy like Jung Minnie, but that's just not who he is. So to those who are judging him based on whether or not he showed up at his member's event or something like that, please try to remember Hyun Joong's personality. He has always been a silent pillar of support and he's looking out for his members in his own way. He doesn't need to prove anything to anyone.

Credits: iamsom@Twitter

And then yesterday, these photos of Leader at a wedding with JunSu floated around... I'm not sure about the details though...
Credit: as tagged


Anonymous said...

i luv ur last sentence in ur first para
'He doesn't need to prove anything to anyone.'
totally and truely agree wif u.

anyway juz wan to say i luv ur blog.
a big pat on ur shoulders =)

Rona Jazteen said...

Yeah right... he doesn't have to show his affection to his members PUBLICLY. It isn't Hyun Joong's style... We Triple S knew how much he care for them....

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