SS501’s Kim Hyung Jun discusses his thoughts about going solo

After spending nearly a year learning how to stand on his own, SS501’s maknae, Kim Hyung Jun, finally returned to the stage with the release of his very own solo album.

He stated, “The best thing is that I have the cameras all to myself (laughter). It feels like I’ve become lighter. I’m almost upset that my body isn’t moving as fast as I want it to because I want to just go out there and try everything there is. I’m trying to suppress that, however.”

Randomly, he turns to the reporter and asks, “What shall I do?”

Even without any outside advice, he’s led a busy career on his own thus far. Kim Hyung Jun is currently the DJ for SBS’s “Kim Hyung Jun’s Music High“, but before that, he’s performed for the musical “Caffeine“, and even ran his own reality program, “Hyung Jun’s Game Team“. Next month, he’ll be starting his Japanese promotions, which will be followed by an Asian tour in May.

When the reporter pointed out the whirlwind nature of his schedule, Kim Hyung Jun explained, “I’ve always wanted to do so many things. It’s not that I’m jealous of the success of others, but I was always hoping for opportunities. Before, all I did was pester for it, but now I’ve matured enough to discuss things and try to balance stuff out. As I work to find common ground, I learn things about myself that I never knew before. Do I seem like an adult now?”

To prepare for his solo, Kim Hyung Jun dedicated all his energy into perfecting his first solo stage. He hoped to use “Girl“, a strong dance track, as a ’smasher’ that would leave a strong first impression. Afterwards, he sought to switch it up by opting for a song that would be more soothing. In the end, Kim Hyung Jun ended up choosing “oH! aH!” as his title track because of its friendly appeal.

“I liked that ‘Girl’ emphasized a strong hook, and I thought it was okay to be greedy then. Others, however, thought that what I needed as a more easy-going melody. I think that choosing E-TRIBE hyung’s track was a good decision in the end. I’m trying not to rush things, this is just the beginning after all.”

While preparing for his solo, Kim Hyung Jun stated that he tried not to become too satisfied with anything, and worked diligently in learning how to stand on his own by lowering his sight and judging himself coldly.

He concluded, “I’m trying to become cold, if that’s possible. If even I sometimes think that my stages are awkward, how would others view it? I have to be more flexible and capable. My stage? I’d rate it 50 points out of a 100.”

Source: allkpop

50 out of 100? C'mon baby, you know you're so much better than just a 50! Kekeke. Then again, he's always vocal that he is adopting an amateur/beginner outlook even though he's already a pro. Hope he can go visit the Philippines for his Asian tour!


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Anyonghaeseyor! I love this website. I check this website EVERDAY! Literally every minute! Thank for all the updates of SS501! Kamsahamida! Thanks you for helping other Triples s. I support this website forever, and the people who doing this and of course SS501! Saranghe SS501 Oppas! Bogoshipo! Thanks...Sorry I don't regulary commenting because I am not very good at english but still learning so hopefully talk to other Triple S, But not commenting doesn't mean I am not checking this web. I check it every minutes...KAMSAHAMIDA!!!

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