Remember, in his last message, Leader said that on March 14 he's gonna post a picture of candy. Well, he remembered his promise! He posted a picture of a lollipop, moist and licked no less! Wonder if someone gave him this or he bought it himself. Kekeke. Very sexy indeed! Thanks Leader! A couple of translations are below:

It’s White Day!
Choreography, exercising, have been busy since this morning hence i was feeling restless..
Sorry^^;; But its still before 12AM.
Don’t you think this is sexy………ㅡㅡ;;;; It’s dirty…..hmm ㅋㅋ
Let’s keep on going

Credits: + (English translation) Honeyeee @

White Valentine's Day (or White Day),
been busy since morning with dance practice and exercise session, sorry ^^,
but this is still before hitting 12 am ya,
this candy, depends on how you think (about it), very sexy, ya.... --;;;
a teeny weeny bit gross.... en... keke
let's work hard together^^

Credits: + chinese: Kaka/BAIDU KHJ BAR + english: BB/


Ronalyn Jazteen said...

Did he, by chance, licked that candy? Hmmm...

Anonymous said...

i want that candy!!!!!!hahahaha....

phtriples said...

Yes, I believe he licked the candy first before taking a picture of it. Sexy, huh? ^_^

Anonymous said...

LOL!!! he is so funny.

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