On April 13th, SS501′s Kim Hyung Joon guested on MBC’s “Radio Star” and participated in a ‘blank sheet’ special with ZE:A’s Kwanghee and Kim Jong Min.

The nickname ‘blank sheet’ is normally associated with SECRET’s Sunhwa, and it’s used to express a person who’s clueless or dumb. For this special, the three were tested on their Chinese character skills, and were asked to write their names in ‘Hanja’.

Kim Hyung Joon was unfortunately the only one to get it wrong and excused himself by exclaiming, “It’s because I used to live in Australia.”

When asked how long he lived there, he hilariously replied, “Two years.”

The men were also tested on their English skills, which Kim Hyung Joon expressed his confidence with. When asked to write ‘Boys Be Ambitious’, Kim Hyung Joon mistakenly wrote ‘voice’ for ‘boys’ and switched out the ‘a’ in ‘ambitious’ with an ‘e’.

He once again joked by giving the excuse, “The pronunciation was a bit weird.” Unfortunately, the MCs saw right through his excuse and amused themselves by teasing him endlessly.

Source: allkpop

Credits: sup3rjunior13@YouTube + kimhyungjun.net

Aww, I feel bad for Baby with all their teasing. Definitely NOT a show that I would guest Baby in, if it were up to me. Aigoo, wish his members were there with him.


Anonymous said...

i want to punch the MC's Face so much!!!

Anonymous said...

argh i don't like the mc also with all their teasing and so much upset for me feel so sorry for baby

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