I woke up today to the couple tweets of Tom&Jerry! And these selca's put a huge smile on my face. They tweeted at the same time! Argh, I wish I can go to Thailand to welcome them and see them! Always so happy to see them!

Playing self cam with Junnie!!

Min-Jun couple is going to Thailand. Will be back soon. Sawaddee Kab~

Credits: HyungJun87@Twitter + JungMin0403@Twitter + Trans by: chobeeSS501@Twitter


Anonymous said...

OMG the sit next to each other. It's going to be lots of memory.
Love Tom&Jerry felt like there are present of SS501.
I miss SS501 can't wait for your comeback!!!

Anonymous said...

i miss SS501

Jun said...

this is so sweet. they sit next to each other. This make me really missed SS501. Hurry come back soon SS501 TripleS really missed u guys so much!
SS501 Fighting!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

so sweet love them and really miss them ss501 comeback :) soon good luck oppa

Anonymous said...

This two really cute. Love SS501.

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