Here are airport pictures of Tom&Jerry earlier in the day, leaving for Thailand. Couple shirts! Love it! So gorgeous!

Click on pics to ENLARGE.

Credit: Pretty Boy

Credit: NO. 43 Park

And here are video clips of their arrival in Thailand...

Video Uploader: ominkoTripleS@YouTube

And another clip of Junnie inside the bus...

Video Uploader: dongfangpupai@YouTube


daydenk farah said...

what are they doin in thailand ??

Anonymous said...

so cute hope to come here in Philippines min jun fighting :) and wish all the best :)

Anonymous said...

OMG both of them totally HOT!!!
i want them so much!!!

Arina said...

baby cute handsome perfect man to be with. i hope i was in thailand to see his performance. aigoo, this two people so cute. Jun n Mal Fighting!!!!!!SS501 comeback soon plz i'm really miss 5 people perform together like old times.

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