Young Saeng's comeback in Inkigayo today was DAEBAK! Love it so much! I liked it better than Music Bank! He danced and sang a bit more of "Out The Club" wearing those fantastic denim jeans and leather jacket. Aaah, love the choreography! Love the chest pump and also the way YS interacted with the camera. Soooo HOT! And "Let It Go" was fab as well with the lip biting, to the way he caressed the mic stand and everything! Aaah! Can't get enough of this guy!

Video Uploader: CrazyCarrot370@YouTube


Anonymous said...

Young Saeng Oppa!!! U R Soooo Awesome on stage..
show'em who's the bad boy!!!! hehe...
Always remember to stay healthy and that Triple S will always be there for u!!!

^_^ ~bernice

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