Heo Young Saeng (25 years old) in SS501 group as an "INDIVIDUAL".

On 12 May 1st solo mini album title song "LET IT GO" was released. When SS501 main vocalist Heo Young Saeng was in SS501, his exceptional treble vocals capability has already prepared him for a route of being a solo singer. Now that he has start his solo activities, he still have other plans ahead.

Q: Year 2005 debut as part of SS501 group, released a solo album for the 1st time. Seems to feel the burden?
YS: Firstly looking forward. But feel the burden. During the group activities, when I am lacking, the other members can be a good fill for me. At the same time during the recording of variety shows and also the shooting of MV too. Now that I am doing all this alone is making me feeling empty. But now that hundred percent of the focus is on me which is a good thing.

Q: During when you are having SS501 activities, ever have the thoughts of having solo activities?
YS: In actual fact, yes. But our schedules were totally packed during that time. Initially there were plans to release solo album, but it's a pity that it wasnt achieved.

Q: Comparing to group and solo debut are there are kind of look you wanna potray?
YS: If mentioned about Heo Young Saeng, people will tend to think about ballads. SS501 songs are usually dance songs, but because I am the main vocalist, thus the image of me as a ballad solo singer is more deep in people. So I asked my friends: "What should I sing?" I got "sing ballads" as the answer. "How about dancing?" "You will be remain better singing." Thus I find that those people really dont understand my thinking. I myself also like dance songs. Ballads which only sing will feel bored. Dance song can enjoy with the audience together.

Q: "LET IT GO" is not the usually dance song feel.
YS: The producer of Kara's hit song produced this song. 4Minute HyunA did a featuring for me. It is about a girl who have the faith in shouting her love and also can leave the guy kinda dance song.

Q: You are the 3rd SS501 member that start solo activities. Park Jung Min and Kim Hyung Jun also started their solo activities. What are your thoughts?
YS: Although having solo songs is good, but solo activities is a bit lonely. Even though feeling lonely but still anticipate to see my own new image.

Q: Will SS501 still be together?
YS: In actual fact we did have plans to have a digital release. But due to that we are now in different companies and also are still in the midst of having our solo activities thus it is tough, everyone have discussed it. Members said: "If this is the case, let's build up our foundation by having all our solo activities, we will re-group again the next round." Even though we do not have any specific plan, but for sure that: "All the members still wants to be together."

Q: Kim Hyun Joong, Park Jung Min and Kim Hyung Jun now are now in different companies states that: "The difference between us is that Young Saeng and Kyu Jong are both in the same companies, thus compared to other members, they do not really feel lonely."
YS: In any case better than other members who are feeling lonely. But with Kyu Jong we still have friends and colleagues which we knew from previous company which is good. And in DSP Media who have worked together before, the current CEO and also Lee Hyori noona, thus the feeling is rather good.

Q: Other than singing, are u interested in acting or other areas?
YS: Many. For a long time I have been quite concerned about acting. Due to that I started out as a singer, thus singing is still remain top priority. If there is a chance, I wanna challenge acting in dramas.

Source: News SportsSeoul + Chinese Trans: 雪迪@ 氧气HSC + English Trans: http://cllslam10.blogspot.com

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