August 27, 2009

SS501 Jewelry

Lately, I've been seeing a lot of SS501 merchandise appearing all over the Internet. Online stores are selling SS501 bears, perfumes, and now jewelry! I'm sure Triple S fans around the world are going... "Awww, so cute. I wanna buy one!" For those who have money to burn, well... good for them. But for the rest of us who don't have the extra money to buy, all we could really do is look, admire, and gush about these wonderful SS501 collectibles and merchandise. If I earn enough money, I'll buy them all. LOL. Check out these cool SS501 jewelry. There are cell phone rings, necklace, earrings. If you want to check out the prices and buy, go to this store.


The cell phone rings have the boys' birth stones embedded in the jewelry. I think it's pretty cool. Young Saeng and I have the same birth month, so we have the same birth stone, TOPAZ. If you want to know yours, check out this chart:

*chart credit:*

SS501 Cell Phone Rings

5 cell phone rings
65,000 won

Hyun Joong (HJL) - Pearl

Young Saeng (YS) - Topaz

Kyu Jong (KJ) - Amethyst

Jung Min (JM) - Diamond

Hyung Jun (HJB) - Peridot

Other Jewelry
[SS501 own designs]

Super star S (set)

Super Star H (cell phone ring)

Super star E (earrings)

Super Star N (necklace)

Double S N (necklace)

Credits:, Lin@SgTripleS +

Note: If you want to repost elsewhere, please repost with FULL credits,
+ triplesphilippines.blogspot if you got the info here. Thanks!


raye said...

i'd really like to buy leader's cell fone rings but i can't connect to the go to this store's frustrating me....anybody here who knows where i can get one of leader's cell fone ring?

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