Usually, when there are new pics for a certain event or SS501 appearance that I've already posted before, what I do is, I just add them all up to my Multiply Page. Coz I think it's too much of a clutter to make new posts each time new pictures crop up. If you guys want site updates like "More pictures added" or "More shows added", you may want to follow me on Twitter. Anyways, so since I've already posted pictures of the boys in Incheon Airport --> Qingdao Airport and vice versa... I've just been adding up new photos in this album. But when I saw these new pictures, I couldn't resist creating a new post for them here. Coz they're just so clear and beautiful. You have to click the images to ENLARGE, in order to appreciate them more. But where's LEADER? No clear pics of him???

I know most of you copy SS501 pictures to your PC (like I always do), and I also know how time consuming and energy consuming they can be, right? So I'm including in here a handy download link to a zip file which includes all the pictures in this post and a few more previous photos of the boys from Incheon and Qingdao airport. That way, you don't have to right click and save. You can download them all at once. :) DOWNLOAD HERE.

Kyu Overload

Cute Young Saengie...

Our Tom & Jerry...

Credits: + Baidu +


darlingdan said...

OMG! Kyu! Sooooo cute! :)

Cris Alisasis said...

i wonder what's playing on kyu jong's mp3 player?... O_O

thanks for sharing the pics! :D

marge0256 said...

I'm not sure if he can reach Leader status.. but what I'm surfe of.. is that he can catch up to it. But not exactly with Leader's. he just can follow. He is getting gorgeous these days! :))

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