I posted months before about SS501 singing English cover songs. I said that I really like hearing them sing English songs and I wish they'd sing more. Among the members, Kim Hyung Jun is the one who can always be heard singing them. Leader even called him a foreigner in Thanks For Waking Us Up. LOL. Hyung Jun did study for 2 years in Australia, so I guess among the members, he's the one who can understand and speak English the most. I really like Baby's English diction and he has such a good voice, especially when he sings in English. A Korean TS made these compilations of Maknae singing English songs. The videos were lifted from Pretty Boy. Enjoy!

P.S. I was pleasantly surprised when I heard Baby singing the song that I used for the 2nd part of Jung Min's video. He sang "Nice & Slow" by Usher at the end of Part 1, and again at the start of Part 2. Coincidence. ^_^

SS501 Hyung Jun Various Live Singing cut [part 1]

SS501 Hyung Jun Various Live Singing cut [part 2]
Video Uploader: WWloveHJ@YouTube


Vanny said...

wow.. GO GO GO oppa Kim Hyun Jun

Anonymous said...

do u know which episode it was that leader called hyung jun a foreigner?

or IF possible, can u copy and paste the link here? thanks a lot :D

STEF said...


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