Translation of the message left by PD noona who left Music High

Background Info: After this season of SBS Broadcast, SS501’s Music High would officially change its name to Kim Hyung Jun’s Music High. At the same time, the PD noona who has been with Hyung Jun for a year will also be leaving. The new PD is a very experienced male DJ. He was in charge of Song Eun Ee’s and Shin Bong Sun’s [Dong Do Dong Rak] Radio show. After Dong Do Dong Rak has undergone a transformation, this PD is coming over to Music High to work with Hyung Jun. 29 March will be the new edition of Music High. Before leaving Music High, the PD noona and the scriptwriter noona both have left messages on the Music High message board.

PD Noona's Message ~

Honestly, Hyung Jun is my first DJ. Even though I have previously been involved in other broadcasts, but those are being handled by other seniors and I was there to tie up the loose ends. Moreover, for those projects, I was working with very experienced DJs. So the projects didn’t seem to be entirely mine.

But for Hyung Jun, he was truly under my influence and we grow together.

In the real sense, he is my first DJ, “My child”

A DJ who works under a PD who is not very experienced (ah, my weakness includes more than just inexperience), and under a PD who doesn’t have a good character/attitude, Hyung Jun really suffered alot.

I nagged at him frequently, yelled at him several times and even showed my temper many times.

But he still continues to work with me without any complaints. I’m really grateful towards Jun DJ! (But all these is because noona likes you, so please excuse me ok? Heh heh)

Hyung Jun is really a very kind-hearted child. He is always very cheerful and gentle. This is what I feel after working with him together for a year.

Really will not be able to find another such kind-hearted DJ and scriptwriter to work with already...

This is what happened when we were all together last Sunday night for the last broadcast:

Hyung Jun suddenly cried while saying that it was the last time working with us noonas. I smiled and said “What? He cried again~ Haha” But when I turned around, I realised that the scriptwriter noona’s eyes were red and she was crying...

It is like this almost everyday...A broadcasting room wtih two kind-hearted (emotional) people working together with a cold-blooded person .

Reading emotional posts, DJ and scriptwriter started tearing. Only this PD is unmoved... This is usually the situation. Hahaha...

Because I’m a very temperamental and narrow-minded PD, I’m very grateful towards the staff who have been working with me.

On the last broadcast day, the new PD and scriptwriters were all around. After seeing that the present scriptwriter and DJ were crying so badly, the new Mr. PD felt a little awkward before commenting, “Why cry ? Does that mean that we are the Invaders? Hehe”

The PD who is soon taking over is one of the senior PDs that I have high regards for. He is really a good PD so I can leave here with no worries.

He will definitely become Hyung Jun DJ’s good PD, good brother.

I also hope that everyone will continue to show your enthusiastic support.

credits: SBS Kr + (chinese sub) (eng sub) crazynoona @


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