Remember when Jung Min and Young Saeng attended Seoul Fashion Week together last March 28, 2010? Saengie was wearing these stylish eyeglasses that looks really cute on him. Well, guess what? It's from Jung Min's store Royal Avenue! It's great to know that the members of SS501 really support Mal's business. Always there to support their brother! I love the glasses actually. And Saengie makes it 501x cooler! I want one! If you want to buy these glasses, you can buy HERE. I don't know if Royal Avenue ships internationally though. I don't even know how to navigate the website. But if they did, I'd definitely buy. It's quite affordable! Only 11,000 won or roughly 440 pesos!

Also available in white...



^^ said...

wow you say it in spanish thanks ^^ i want the sunglasses ^^

Anonymous said...

wee.. those glasses are soo cute!! how klaai.. weee. and they are cheap huh... well.. even i dont know how to navigate the site.. heheh if you can, would you mind to share it with me? hehehe i love them and id be glad to have one.. please? ynx.. im nica from tsph..

Fly London shoes said...

I like all these glasses collection thanks for sharing this blog I love fashion and every thing related to fashion i like shoes

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