Not only did Kyu leave a long message this morning, and replied to his hyung's messages, he also chatted with fans at TOK board! Wow! He left a message around 7 in the morning, and at 1 pm he chatted with fans. Did he spend the whole online? Kekeke. I miss Kyu! Here are the messages, xiaochu was kind enough to translate it for us.

04/01 KyuJong at TOK board

점심먹으러가야한다구 ㅎㅎㅎ [규종] 2010/04/01 PM 1:15:10
I have to go and get my lunch hehehe

왜이리 다들 나를 찾으시나 ㅎㅎ 메롱 [규종] 2010/04/01 PM 1:15:36
Why did everyone came here to look for me hehe maelong

스페인말 할줄몰라서 못가요... 저는요...현중이형 진짜가요... [규종] 2010/04/01 PM 1:16:24
I didn't know he would talk about the Spain thing, can't go... As for me... HyunJoong hyung is really going...

아이코 날씨가 안좋네요 ㅎㅎ [규종] 2010/04/01 PM 1:17:22
Aiyeeko Weather is not good hehe

다들 점심 맛있게들 드시라구용 !! ㅎㅎ 와우 [규종] 2010/04/01 PM 1:18:12
Everybody enjoy your great lunch!! Hehe Wow

우리공홈원래 이렇게 버벅거려요?! ㅎㅎㅎ [규종] 2010/04/01 PM 1:18:29
Our homepage originally doesn't show up good?! Hehehe

이런 건방진 홈페이지 .. 버벅거리고...ㅎㅎㅎ [규종] 2010/04/01 PM 1:18:54
Such an arrogant homepage.. doesn't show out great... hehehe

wow !! Thank you !! haha .. [규종] 2010/04/01 PM 1:20:55

마이 컴퓨터 완전 버벅ㅜㅜ [규종] 2010/04/01 PM 1:21:47
My computer is completely not showing good T T

ㅎㅎ 그러게 같이 놀고싶은데 완전 버벅거리는구나~~ 유후 대박이구나!! ㅎㅎ [규종] 2010/04/01 PM 1:22:36
Hehe I wanted so much to play together but this is completely not showing good~~ Yoohoo it is DaeBak!! hehe

지금부터 영어료 뿅! 다같이 뿅! [규종] 2010/04/01 PM 1:24:30
From now on, it's English Bbyong! Everyone Bbyong!

long time no see every one !!!!!!!!!!! [규종] 2010/04/01 PM 1:25:38

wow yeah [규종] 2010/04/01 PM 1:26:33

영어로 너희끼리해.. 아 답답해... 휴휴 [규종] 2010/04/01 PM 1:27:55
Use English among yourselves.. Ah it's frustrating... Hyoo Hyoo

아이스크림 살쪄용 ㅎㅎ [규종] 2010/04/01 PM 1:30:40
Ice cream is fattening hehe

점심 먹으려고 준비중이죠!! ㅎㅎ [규종] 2010/04/01 PM 1:31:15
Of course preparing to go and get lunch!! hehe

비빔밥해먹어야겠어요!! 하하하 [규종] 2010/04/01 PM 1:32:36
I must eat bibimbab!! hahaha

다들 보러 가고싶어..ㅜ 진짜 이쁜이들 보러 지방 다가고싶고 해외도가고싶구..흑흑 [규종]2010/04/01 PM 1:33:09
I want to go and see everyone.. T really wanna go to other prefectures and even overseas tp see our pretties.. heuk heuk

byebye see u next time !!!! ^^ [규종] 2010/04/01 PM 1:34:16

우린 ss501 이니까..^^ 이쁜이들 고마워용 바바이~~ 히히 [규종] 2010/04/01 PM 1:34:42
Because we are SS501..^^ Thank you pretties byebye~~hehe

Credits : + (English Translation) xiaochu @


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