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After HyunSaeng and Tom&Jerry, this is my next favorite couple in SS501. KyuSaeng = Kyu Jong & Young Saeng. Kyu is just the sweetest. And to think he's probably the manliest of the 5! He's such a sweetie and he's very showy too. He likes to hug and is very affectionate to his members. Especially Saengie! And we know Young Saeng can be a dork sometimes too. They're so adorable. I can really feel their affection and brotherly love for each other. ♥

BROMANCE (Brotherly Romance) = is a close but NOT sexual relationship between two men. Just because two men are close, doesn't mean they're gay!

I don't like it when people accuse SS501 members of being gay, and just for the record. THEY'RE NOT GAYS!!! But we Triple S fans sometimes like to make fanfiction that are just for FUN. I REPEAT. It's all in GOOD FUN. The boys are confident with their sexualities regardless of what other malicious people say. We are not supporting the GAY theories AT ALL. We are merely having fun. So there.

NOTE: some photos are photoshopped!

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Anonymous said...

I love the pictures :) they are cute :)I love how they interact with each other, so natural and comfortable its nice to see.
um..whats the song? i can guess the title is "we could be in love" but who sings it? its very pretty :)

phtriples said...

The song is "We Could Be In Love" sung by Lea Salonga and Brad Kane :)

jettie said...

kyu jong was shock @ 00:27-00:30 ...young saengiee was about to kiss kyu...then kyu was shock!!hahaha!!!luv this!!young saeng acting really cute @ 0:47!!!!hahaha!!!!!wanna pinch his cheek!!!

nelza-indonesia said...

Aahhhh..long time not been here ^^
Miss you!!!
hhohohoho.... ^o^

and i like this vid sooo much. cz i DO love them both!
especially the part when kyu wants to make "v" sign on 02.29 - 02.45...
ughh, wanna chew them!
(they're not bubble gum, nelz..)

SaengKyu for this vid eonnie ^o^
Love Ya!

reinne said...

hi.. i really love this video.. thank you for sharing.. may i ask what show is 00:49.? i always cry at that part.. tnx..

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing. i really love kyusaeng couple

Cassalynne said...

:Tears: It's so heartbreakingly sad and beautiful. All those photos and video clips bring back memories when SS501 were working together, under the same company. They were so innocent and happy back then. I've always like KyuSaeng better than HyunSaeng--Kyu Jong sunbae and Young Saeng sunbae are the same type. Quiet but charming and breathtakingly endearing.

Just wondering. The scene where the two of them are wearing yellow and fighting over the same biscuit...chocolate biscuit. Which reality show is it from? If any of you know the answer, please do drop me a note at ;) Thank you ;)

Young Saeng sunbae, Kyu Jong sunbae, saranghae!

SS501 fighting! <3

KaidaRita said...

They are a close knit group. You can tell just by one glance they are very close. They ARE just like brothers. They laugh at each other, care for each other, and support each other.

*Sigh* I hate when people mistake Bromance for something else.
SS501 fighting! ~♥

urrutiakimberly22 said...

i love it

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