Kyu Jongie was sighted again. I believe, this was yesterday, Sunday. He was eating ice cream with a couple of friends. I don't know the guy with the cap (is that Kyu's cap he's wearing?), but the girl is apparently Kang Ji Young from KARA. The fan is so lucky to chance upon our sweet center. I gotta say, I love Kyu's look here. I love his hair like that, kind of like the boy-next-door type. I miss him. Glad he has the time to enjoy ice cream with his friends. But I wish he were with his members. I hope we get to see them together soon, even just doing a simple thing, like enjoying ice cream.

And here's another photo of Kyu Jong, which was taken last Friday, when he visited his opthalmologist. Remember Kyu chatted last Saturday for a little while at TOK TOK board, and told the fans that he was resting because he just had LASIK surgery? Maybe he had LASIK on the 16th Friday. That's just my guess though. If you notice, in both pictures, he's wearing the same checkered long sleeved shirt. But if you look carefully, he's wearing different shirts underneath, one is black and the other is white. :) And the hat he's wearing in the pic below, I remember this one, he was wearing it in Qingdao, China when SS501 went there to perform in Korea China Friendship Concert.
Credit: SS601


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