Who have actually seen Jung Min in his musical Grease? I haven't. You all have probably seen him in it already, but this is the first time I've seen these clips, so please bear with me. I really think he suits Danny's character. And he kissed a girl! I'm sure Jung Min fans are green with envy with the girl. Am I right? Kekeke. Go Park Danny!

Video Uploader: fizajaemin@YouTube

Video Uploader: 501bjoo@YouTube


JungZhane501 said...

oh my! my first time seeing this.. that girl is DAMN LUCKY~

he proves to us that he is a multitalented man.. My Minnie is so handsome~ Danny Park DAEBAK~!

xMissDiazx said...

:O! first time seeing this for me too. god, i love SO much grease, is one of my all time favs movies, and i think it's so awesome jung min portraits danny zuko, the character totally fits him (you know, handsome, dreamy, skilled), and all the moves and the singing, fdasdfas <3 beyond cool

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