This is a wonderful SS501 interview from TS Japan Official Booklet. It's always good to know more about the boys, especially now that we're missing them a LOT! I laughed out loud at some of their answers, especially Leader and Jung Min. Gae-Mal strikes again! LOL. When asked "what's the happiest present you received?" only a 4D person will answer "Chicken Leg." Hahaha! And picture Baby Hyung Jun as a girl, trying to lure a man. Can't get that picture out of my head. Hahaha! Anyway, just read the whole interview. It's hilarious! It just makes me love SS501 even more! I ♥ it!

Q1. How do you feel about the Budoukan concert?

Hyun Joong: I’m very happy that I’m able to fulfill one of the things that I wanted to do ever since entering Japan.
Young Saeng: Performing in the Budokan of great significance place, I feel honored.
Kyu Jong: Really step on a stage of my dream, I am very happy. Everyone cheered together and it is indeed a happy performance.
Jung Min: I was so glad cause all of us did a performance together after long time, and that was good we could be with so many fans. I want to do more performance in the future.
Hyung Jun: Performing in Japan Budokan’s performances have great significance. Finally achieved the target, I felt very happy. Will walk towards bigger and famous venue in the future with greater effort.

Q2. Having been to many countries for your Asia tour, give us an episode that happened in each country.

Hyun Joong: Jung Min got upset in Hong Kong cause he had lost his wallet which contains 20million won in cash there.
Young Saeng: Because we were performing outdoor for Asian Tour Shanghai station, it was very cold. Especially when we were wearing sleeveless clothes.
Kyu Jong: Thinking of playing water gun battle during the Encore.
Jung Min: Working together in Thailand with the workers to make new T-Shirts.
Hyung Jun: Because we were always in the hotel, interesting things……ㅠ-ㅠ NO!

Q3. Out of all the events, concerts held in Japan, which place left the most memorable memory?

Hyun Joong: Budoukan.
Young Saeng: International Center. Our very first performance.
Kyu Jong: International Center… … Budoukan… … all leave a very good impression
Jung Min: I remember all places. Nagoya – tebasaki (chicken) Sapporo – Mutton barbecue etc~
Hyung Jun: Budoukan.

Q4. Of all the live concerts that you have seen, which artiste’s concert would you like to see again? Please also say how you feel at that time.

Hyun Joong: None. I would like to meet James Blunt.
Young Saeng: Rain. I have learned a lot of Rain’s stage style, and while watching, had lots of fun.
Kyu Jong: Rain. Learned a lot, put them into the public performance after learning.
Jung Min: -
Hyung Jun: BoA

Q5. Out of all the MV, which is the one that you like most?

Hyun Joong: Love like this
Young Saeng: A song calling for you
Kyu Jong: U R Man, Love like this
Jung Min: A song calling for you
Hyung Jun: Love like this

Q6. Till now, what is the most happiest present that you have received?

Hyun Joong: Chicken leg
Young Saeng: Nice clothes, nice shoes, nice bag, nice jewelry.
Kyu Jong: A photo album made from all the SS501 activities from Deja Vu onwards.
Jung Min: Whatever is good. Giving me things of what i had thought of.
Hyung Jun: Fan’s feeling and their inner thoughts. Always around us giving us support is the happiest.

Q7. Where would you recommend to visit in Korea? (Tourist attraction, shop etc also OK!)

Hyun Joong: Jaksal Chicken… ㅋㅋㅋ
Young Saeng: Comics books… all of them.
Kyu Jong: Jeonju and Jeju. Good food and beautiful attractions.
Jung Min: My office. Cafe~ Offline shop~
Hyung Jun: Seoul, Busan

Q8. Any Japanese artiste, actor, comedians that you like or find interesting?

Hyun Joong: I like Takeuchi Yuko and Oguri Shun.
Young Saeng: Kamenashi. Attractive.
Kyu Jong: I like hoe YUI played the guitar. Like Joe Odagiri & Takuya Kimura
Jung Min: ?
Hyung Jun: ダウンタウン and Matsumoto

Q9. What is your favourite Japanese manga?

Hyun Joong: One piece, naruto. Berserk
Young Saeng: Dragonball
Kyu Jong: Crayon Shin-chan
Jung Min: ?
Hyung Jun: Evangelion

Q10. You have mentioned that you will definitely eat Gyudon (Beef bowl) when you visit Japan, any other food that you also like?

Hyun Joong: Soba
Young Saeng: Ramen!!
Kyu Jong: Firstly, Donburi. Second, Japanese hotpot. Third, ramen.
Jung Min: Ramen, udon, sushi (And there is one i don’t know, cannot find.)
Hyung Jun: Sushi, curry

Q11. What is it that you definitely will buy in Japan to bring back home?

Hyun Joong: Hiyoko from duty free shop.
Young Saeng: Clothes
Kyu Jong: Japan’s cup noodles, Japanese style fashion
Jung Min: Clothes, liqueurs, plum~, cosmetics, kidult products (Photographing reasons) and etc ~~ A lot~! !
Hyung Jun: Donburi, persimmon

Q12. If you have the chance to stay in Japan again, where would you like to stay at?

Hyun Joong: Sapporo
Young Saeng: Tokyo, Harajuku or Shinjuku
Kyu Jong: Jiyugaoka
Jung Min: Tamachi (Because we stayed there before) Secondly, Osaka~
Hyung Jun: Okinawa, beach house

Q13. If there’s a long break, what would you like to do?

Hyun Joong: I would like to go and have fun at a resort.
Young Saeng: Travel
Kyu Jong: Travel. Kyoto or Okinawa
Jung Min: Travel ♥
Hyung Jun: Thinking of life. Want to travel a long period of time~~~ a place where there is sea~

Q14. If you have a day to be one of the other members, who would it be and what would you like to do?

Hyun Joong: No one
Young Saeng: Jung Min. Wants to say a lot. And meeting others for the first time
Kyu Jong: Jung Min. Operating his shopping mall
Jung Min: Change with anyone then make their balance of the bank card to 0. And transfer into my account.
Hyung Jun: Jung Min. Think and speak a lot. Feels very interesting~

Q15. If you have a day to become a girl, what would you like to do?

Hyun Joong: I would want to meet a guy.
Young Saeng: Try to date with a guy. Wants to know how a girl feel when dating.
Kyu Jong: Shopping
Jung Min: …………………. Children
Hyung Jun: Want to try to lure a man

Q16. Where would you want to visit in Japan?

Hyun Joong: Okinawa
Young Saeng: Okinawa
Kyu Jong: Fukuoka housing units
Jung Min: Okinawa~~ ♥
Hyung Jun: Okinawa

Q17. What genre music would you like to challenge? What is the reason?

Hyun Joong: At the moment, don’t have.
Young Saeng: R&B, Hip Hop or Rock. Because i like it.
Kyu Jong: R&B. Feels good.
Jung Min: Rock~ Because it is interesting!
Hyung Jun: R&B, Soul + Hip Hop. I particularly like this genres. Solo expectation!?

Q18. Other that working, what is thing that you are most interested in now? (Something that you are into recently also OK!)

Hyun Joong: Traveling.
Young Saeng: Novel
Kyu Jong: Watch a movie
Jung Min: Offline shopping mall~ Am happily waiting for interior decoration to begin.
Hyung Jun: Driving, DJ, lyricist, composer.

Q19. What kind of man would you like to become after 20 years later?

Hyun Joong: A good dad.
Young Saeng: Earning lots of money and doing charity work.
Kyu Jong: A good father.
Jung Min: A perfect father~! Perfect world class singer and actor
Hyung Jun: Forming a comfortable family, living with the loved ones together. Of course must continue the singer career~~!!

Q20. What activities would you want to try out in future?

Hyun Joong: To reach out more as an Asia star. To gather fans from around the world and hold a concert.
Young Saeng: Using the figure now to continue activities.
Kyu Jong: Working hard and put in effort like now
Jung Min: Do my best~~ ♥
Hyung Jun: Solo activities, singer’s performances, universal artist

Credits: Triple S Japan FC Booklet + (Chinese translation) buyia@Crazy501 + (English translation)


risa said...

"If you have a day to be one of the other members, who would it be and what would you like to do?"

Jung Min: "Change with anyone then make their balance of the bank card to 0. And transfer into my account."

Pwahahahahaha! Cleverrrrr~
Most of them wanna try being CEO Park. Hahaha.

jean18_chinita said...

when was this interview.?

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